Adidas i5923 Iniki Sports Trainer Sneakers Review

Adidas i5923 Iniki Sports Trainer Sneakers Review

Adidas is undoubtedly one of the most popular sportswear brands across the world, their footwear styles, in particular, are considered timeless icons of casual fashion. The Adidas i5923 sneakers are a relatively new addition to their range, which I have kept my eye on for some time. Finally, I grabbed a pair online and have decided to share my thoughts on them in my latest review.

The Adidas i5923 Sneakers burst onto the scene during the early part of 2017 to a worldwide approval from sneaker heads and sports fans, its sleek silhouette a worthy addition to the brands’ roster of footwear, particularly when compared to the popular but less streamlined Gazelle’s and bulky Stan Smiths. Originally named the Adidas Iniki (which rolled off the tongue nicely and was destined to hit iconic status), but was suddenly changed towards the end of 2017 to the less glamorous – Adidas i5923. Rumours have been flying around that the Iniki name was already registered to another brand, so to avoid an unnecessary messy lawsuit, its name was swiftly exchanged. The design itself was fortunately left untouched during this period. So with that small history lesson out of the way, let us move on to the review.

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Design & Shape

The i5923 sneakers feature an exceptional design, incredibly sleek and almost aerodynamic in shape. If you were using this as a running shoe, I can only imagine it allows you to cut through the air faster … however, I will most likely never experience this phenomenon, choosing to wear mine for fashion purposes, rather than practicality!

This style of sneakers is available in a vast array of colour-ways, Adidas are notorious for releasing hundreds of different variations throughout a shoes lifetime, the i5923 is no different. I myself own two different pairs, the tan (shown in these photos) and a teal colour (which are actually a girls shoe, But I adored that green/blue shade so much that I had to have them). Most of the different i5923’s available are designed using only two colours (others are known to feature more and some are just single colour), the brown section on my pair heavily outweighs the contrasting white, which only appears on the sole, a small area at the back of the shoe and the classic three stripes along the side.

The material of the main body is crafted out of a soft and very fine mesh-like fabric, which has a subtle sheen in certain lights, adding a touch of tiny glam! The soles feature a bumpy textured effect and are quite high from the ground, particularly noticeable when viewing the shoes from a side profile which aids in the shoes acute shape. The tongue is thankfully manufactured using a similar soft material, a few recent releases from Adidas have inexplicably opted for a terrible rubbery foam substance which caused a lot of discomfort and rarely stayed in an aesthetically pleasing position when worn. A nice touch is the laces, their colour matching the main body of the shoe, continuing that understated appearance. Overall, I cannot fault the look of these sneakers, Adidas has a winning design on their hands.

Wearability & Comfort

As to be expected from one of the top worldwide sports brands, these sneakers are remarkably comfortable! After a heavy dose of premium branded sneakers in my collection (which are regularly painful after extended wear), the i5923 are a revelation. I could happily wear these all day long and not suffer from any issues. The aforementioned mesh design (which additionally allows your feet to breathe easily) grants ease of movement and causes no restriction, especially as your foot bends during walking. Another plus point is that they contain no solid leather sections, you do not have to worry about damaging your shoes with creases and cracks during every step.

The large spongy sole provides extra comfort too, convincing your feet that you are walking on cushions. Each step feels like air and you seem to spring upwards as you walk, I cannot praise the comfort levels enough with these sneakers!


I usually go with my standard size of an EU42 / UK 8 when choosing new shoes, however, for the i5923 I went up a half-size to a 42.5 / UK8 1/2, that small amount of extra space allowed for a little more room and comfortability.

I actually ordered 3 size variations to find my correct size – 42, 42.5 and 43. Interestingly, the increase from a 42 to a 42.5 is only minimal (shoe boxes are the same size), yet the jump from a 42.5 to a 43 is quite substantial, the shoes themselves are a lot larger visually and the shoebox of the 43 is itself bigger and longer. If you are aiming for a smaller and sleeker shoe, then I would opt to drop down a half-size if you can for a more compact aesthetically pleasing look.


The packaging for Adidas shoes is based around functionality rather than design, most of their customers will likely discard the box as soon as they receive them. The brand understands this, so their shoes are stored in what amounts to little more than a one use shipping box. As is the standard for Adidas, the box is coloured in their iconic blue, with a simple three stripes design. The cardboard is fairly lightweight, and will likely get damaged easily during transit. Inside the box, there is the standard tissue paper to help keep the shoes protected whilst they await their new owner, nothing more than the basics which are the norm for sportswear shoes.

Value For Money

There is a vast difference between the majority of sports shoes and premium sneakers, particularly the i5923 which comes in at a very reasonable price point.  As such, it is far easier to stomach splashing out this kind of money on footwear which is just as kind to your feet as it is to your wallet! Because of the cheaper outlay, you do not have to worry quite so much with wear and tear, it hurts far less if a pair of Adidas receives a scuff compared to a pair of solid white premium sneakers, like those featured in my Saint Laurent Off White Court Sneakers Review. In terms of value, the i5923 sneakers are exceptional, low-cost combined with top style! Surely a winning combination!


If it wasn’t already completely obvious after reading through my review, allow me to convince you further, the Adidas i5923 Sneakers are a top quality purchase featuring an amazing design, large selection of colour options, incredibly comfortable and at a manageable cost, in other words, go and buy a pair now! I already own two pairs, but I can safely confirm I will be adding more to my wardrobe in the future. What do you think of these sports shoes, are you a fan? Please let me know in the comments below!


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