5 Men’s Sweaters To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

5 Men’s Sweaters To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Sweaters are an essential part of any fashionable man’s wardrobe, with almost never-ending choices available, so in my latest blog post, I will be narrowing down the field with my top 5 picks. Continue reading to find out more. View Post

My 10 Autumn Menswear Must Haves

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The autumn is knocking on our doors as we make our way to mid September, which means it’s always time for new pieces for our wardrobes. The cooler weather is ideal for layering jackets and knitwear, meaning outfits aren’t just limited to a t-shirt and shorts, so there’s room to be much more creative. Leather jackets, statement knitwear, and classic boots are just a few things on my autumn wish list, so check out everything that I have had my eye on for this coming season.

First up is a classic knitted jumper from Topman. You can’t go wrong with a neutral colour like this as it makes a great base for layering leather jackets over the top, just like that one from Boda Skins. I already own the Boda Skins brown leather jacket as you know, and a black one is definitely on my list for classic pieces that you can wear time and time again. While we’re on the subject of knitwear and jackets, have you seen the Gucci UFO sweatshirt? I don’t think that needs any explanation – it’s so eye catching, I can’t stop checking it out. Plus, Gucci sweaters are the most popular thing right now. Then there’s a Levi’s sherpa denim jacket which is obviously a huge staple in the colder months as it’s warm, casual, and one of the ultimate must haves. I’ve actually recently just bought that one and will be sharing it with you very soon!

Now moving onto denim, I’ve chosen the Citizens of Humanity Sculpt jeans and a pair of J Brand Maria jeans. You know I always favour women’s skinny jeans for a closer, skinnier fit, and going for a mid blue and a pair of black jeans are two of the best colours you can have in the Autumn. They go with absolutely everything.

What else do I want for September? Common Project boots, which are one of the must haves for any fashionable guy and have been a staple of their collection for a few years now. I love those! Then there’s the Golden Goose sneakers which I’ve wanted a pair of for years. I think the already pre-distressed and grubby look is ideal as you don’t worry about them getting dirty in the rain! Lastly, we have accessories! A burgundy scarf is not only an essential for warmth, but a cashmere Burberry one definitely makes a statement, while a Howlin grey beanie hat does the job of being versatile and keeping your body heat in.

So these are 10 must have autumn menswear pieces on my list right now. They’re perfect for creating a wardrobe and an array of outfits you can wear all throughout the season. What’s on your list?

8 Gucci Crazy Must Have Sweaters For Autumn 2017

Gucci Embroidered Angry Cat Intarsia Wool Sweater

It will soon be the Autumn and that means it’s time to break out our funky sweaters! Usually I would only choose the plain and simple colours, with a classic wool blend, but this season the prints are out in full force for men! Gucci is one brand that has brought out bright colours, quirky designs, and embroidery on their sweaters for the AW17 season and they couldn’t be cooler! I’m expecting to see these on street style stars and on numerous other mens fashion blogs, so definitely keep your eyes open! 

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Top 12 Simple Yet Effective Fashionable Sweatshirts

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