How To Keep Your Data And Privacy Safe In The Modern World

How To Keep Your Data And Privacy Safe In The Modern World

In our fast-paced world, we are constantly dominated by online content – social media posts, video streaming, banking, or simply making purchases. However, there is a darker element in which some unscrupulous elements will try to take advantage and control of your accounts. In my latest article, I look at how you can protect yourself and your important content – continue reading to find out more.

There is no denying that computers, technology, and the internet have provided the world with a vast amount of benefits – from being able to share photos and videos at the touch of a button to someone across the globe, watching the latest movies from the comfort of your own home or even to keep on top of your finances. Additionally, online has created many different opportunities (such as my style blog) and even multimillion-pound businesses.

Many tech companies can use state-of-the-art analytics to form progressive decisions, improving efficiency and work performance, which is all done via advancements in software. However, as time moves on, there has been a steady increase in safeguarding user privacy and complying with regulations (GDPR caused a huge stir for online businesses a few years back).

For everyday users, these online developments have led to a better user experience – from saving time, energy, and money to even having a better range of choices (such as shopping, banking, or operating systems).
On the flip side, the increased usage of computers and online has caused many disadvantages and risks, including privacy violations and even data breaches (many big online retailers have been hit, and customers’ data has been leaked).

In the following points, I will be offering a handful of tips so you can safeguard your privacy and protect your data.

Read the T&Cs

Almost all of us can be found guilty of simply ticking the ‘I’ve read and understood’ box without reading even a single word of the privacy policies or terms and conditions (it’s easy to scroll to the bottom and click continue to move onto the next step). This is a very unhealthy practice, and we all should at least attempt to skim through the text to get an idea of what can happen to our data and how it is collected, saved, and shared (even suggesting how long the info will be stored).

Some social media sites received a massive backlash in the past, as it was discovered that their media was legally owned by the company once posted (which was frankly shocking behaviour).

After reading through their policies, you can be armed with important knowledge that will save you from headaches later, and you can even contact the website or platform in advance to discuss your concerns. Be sure to only agree to your data being collected if it is relevant – in this day and age, keeping track of your personal information is vital. In the future, just take a few minutes to read the T&Cs to ensure your data will be safe and sound.

Tweak Privacy Settings To Your Preference

Installing a fence for extra privacy is second nature to protect your house from unwanted prying eyes and intruders, but you also need to protect your online safety in a similar manner. Be sure to check your privacy settings for all the different online platforms, browsers, and social media accounts you use. Take control of your accounts and tweak the settings until you are satisfied that your information is protected.

Typically, the privacy settings will allow you to decide what you want to share or not share with those companies. Additionally, if you are a big gamer and play online, you can adjust the settings for your privacy (even some home digital assistants or wearable devices offer the same).

Combat Hacking

It is crucial to protect your personal information and online privacy with the best antivirus software available on the market. The very best tools in this category will ensure your system runs efficiently and reacts to cyber threats while making sure not to compromise performance and have a minimal impact on hardware resources (some products have been notorious in that they bring your computer to a halt with heavy slowdown!).

Do your research and find the best software for the job, and you will get a multi-layered kit that will safeguard your data against new and existing threats (remember always to download the latest updates).

Always be mindful of ransomware protection, as the last thing you want is to be locked out of your system and your data because of an attack caused by the greed of cyber criminals. Most commonly, your files are forcibly encrypted, and you will need to pay a ransom to decrypt them and get your valuable content back. Instead of being a victim of these attacks, take proactive measures using the aforementioned security programs and defend yourself against the war against online crime.

Take Legal Action

If your data ends up on the wrong end of misuse by companies, you can always take legal recourse! Seek advice from those in the know; you could get everything overturned or even receive compensation. Companies can face severe consequences if they are involved in a data breach or if your information is used without your consent.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that technological innovations have advantages and downsides, including how data is collected using analytic systems. However, it is imperative that you ensure your valuable information is protected, so be careful of what permissions and allowances you grant when online. With some thought and help from digital software programs, you can be well protected from the onslaught of online dangers in the future.


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