Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Everyday Travel Essentials

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Everyday Travel Essentials

Our fast-paced world can sometimes be overwhelming, yet you can make it easier to traverse by equipping yourself with an everyday carry kit (otherwise known as an EDC) containing all of your essentials. In my latest article, I suggest what items to include in your handy kit. Continue reading to find out more.

These so-called EDCs are ideal for transporting essentials, such as small tools, gadgets, and supplies necessary for daily activities. When you are packing your kit, you need to plan and prepare for a variety of situations, tasks, and even emergencies – with a well-thought-out package, you will be able to conquer any challenging event.

Boost Your Lifestyle With Everyday Carry Essentials

Traditionally, you would consider items to pack that were great utility additions – nowadays, you often use items that reflect your lifestyle and tastes. In the following list, I will suggest a curated selection that will be perfect to add to your everyday carry kit.


Including a great multi-tool accessory to your EDC is integral – select one that offers several different parts, such as pliers, screwdrivers, knives, bottle openers, and more. Having one of these at hand will allow you to handle a variety of different situations, such as minor repairs or adjustments and even quick jobs. Additionally (although not vital), select one that ticks off those fashionable boxes and complements your style aesthetic.

Waterproof Automatic Watch

Invest in a quality waterproof automatic Watch that is ideal in almost all environments and fashionable, too! Mechanical timepieces utilise the natural motion of your wrist movement, so you will not have to rely on batteries on your travels. Numerous options are on the market, from Swiss models to alternative brands like Bastion, which offer affordable waterproof automatic watches (remember to choose models that offer deep sea water resistance, too, for water adventures). A quality automatic watch provides necessary timekeeping functionality with rugged, heavy-duty workmanship.


A vital addition to your EDC collection is a small but effective flashlight, allowing access to essential light if you get caught in the darkness in an unknown land or need to read small text or illuminate misplaced items. Select one that fits easily into your pocket or bag when looking for the ideal model. Opt for feature-packed, including a high lumen rating with multiple modes and even aircraft-grade aluminium construction – this will allow you to light the way whenever necessary.

Daily Organiser Pouch

For a must-have item, grab a pouch or organiser that allows you to pack all your must-have gear into one place to access it quickly without hunting around at the bottom of your bag! When searching for the best one for your needs, consider a small model for easy mobility but large enough to carry all your essentials. Vital features include multiple pockets, sleeves, and compartments for all your tech items and tools. Choose a model with external straps for easy carry, too.

EDC Bolt Action Pen

When you think about essentials for your travel, a bolt action pen may initially seem overly stylish when looking for a writing instrument. However, those in the know will attest to the practicality of a tough and well-made pen at hand. Additionally, you can raise the style stakes of your collection by adding an EDC bolt action pen into the mix, thanks to their professional look. Bolt action models are versatile tools ideal for quick and efficient use in a pinch and protect against accidental openings in your pocket (and unwanted ink everywhere!).

Slim Wallet

A minimalist wallet is ideal to add to your everyday carry kit – allowing you to carry your essential credit cards and IDs. Choose high-end materials like top-grain leather, aluminium or even carbon fibre that provide protection and style in equal measure. Many models include thumb slots for quick card access and even anti-theft protection. If you also decide to carry cash, consider a money clip to keep your wallet sleeker for streamlined travel.

Key Organiser

Bulky and unsightly keychains are outdated, so instead, upgrade to a key organiser so you can efficiently arrange your keys and other accessories, such as flash drives, without weighing down your pockets. Top models are organisers made from quality materials that can be clipped to your belt or bags – ideal to save you precious time when looking for your keys in a tight situation.

Reusable Water Bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated during your travels is paramount, so a reusable water bottle is a convenient way to carry H20 wherever you go and keep plastic waste to a minimum. When selecting a model, consider factors like size, durability, temperature insulation, ease of cleaning, and additional features such as one-hand drinking functionality – with the right choice, you can enjoy the freshness of water all day long.


Focus on quality EDC pieces that are stylish and functional, offering everything you need, and you will be ready to go and handle any of life’s adventures all day long.


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