Panzer Glass iPhone 14 Protection Review

Panzer Glass iPhone 14 Protection Review

With the cost of smartphones (especially iPhones) on the rise each year, it is imperative to protect them as best you can using cases and screen protectors. In my latest blog review, I will be checking out the latest products from Panzer Glass, experts in the field of phone protection. Continue reading to find out more.

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I have previous experience with Panzer Glass with an earlier review (click here) and marvelled at the quality of their items. As I have finally upgraded my smartphone to the latest iPhone 14 model, I felt it was time to see what new products the company offers when it comes to keeping your beloved piece of tech safe and sound.

For the purpose of the review, I will be studying a mix-and-match combo of different products as follows –

Panzer Glass iPhone 14 3-In-1

PicturePerfect Camera Lens Protector

The lens protector is ideal for your fancy new phone, fitting neatly and securely over the rear camera (which, as you know, protrudes out of the back of the phone and can easily be knocked). The protector includes a wet-wipe and dry cloth to ensure the camera lens is nice and clean; then, you simply remove the front and back stickers and place the new lens protector over the camera area – it takes seconds to fit securely.

Even when attached, there is no issue with how the camera works, so there is no fear of a blurred photo or video and no worry of any focus drops. Instead, you will be safe in the knowledge that your camera lens is protected from any accidental damage.

Ultra-wide Fit Screen Protector

Nowadays, a screen protector is essential; with the high cost of smartphones (especially Apple models), you need as much added protection as possible. This version from Panzer Glass features an ultra-wide fit to ensure the full area of your screen is covered and protected from scratches and force.

iPhone 14 Hardcase

The included hard case is totally transparent, so you can see the rear of your new iPhone (especially if you choose a specific colour to match your aesthetic!). It also boasts a 3 X military-grade drop protection of 3.6 metres for extra peace of mind if you are into more outgoing activities!

Panzer Glass Biodegradable iPhone Case

I also choose this biodegradable iPhone case (rather than the standard version in the 3-in-1 pack) as a nice alternative – made of bio-based plastics and 100% compostable but is super tough and very durable. As with the other case, it also includes the same military-grade drop protection and is fully functional with wireless charging. Due to the material used, the case features a minimalistic design, except for the subtle branding along the right-hand edge.

Panzer Glass Anti-glare Screen Protector

Finally, we have another screen protector (which I chose to use as we headed into summer), it features the same size and design as the early model discussed (scratch, drop, and shock resistance along with the same ultra-wide fit and easy alignment installation), but additionally, it has the amazing anti-glare screen style! This version reduces reflections from artificial lighting and the sun, which is ideal if you are sitting on the beach or just walking around town in the bright sunshine wearing your summer outfit, allowing you to use your phone easily.


If you are looking at the most efficient way to protect your new iPhone, then Panzer Glass is the way to go – offering a huge range of different products to keep your expensive tech safe from the elements and accidents.

The price point is higher than the typical budget products; however, the quality on offer reflects that, and the outlay is well worth it considering the price of smartphones. In summary, I highly recommend this collection and suggest you give them a try.

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*Partnership with Panzer Glass / Opinions are my own.


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