4 Fashionable Ways To Tie A Scarf For Men

How-To-Tie A-Scarf The Once Around


4 Fashionable Ways To Tie A Scarf

We all love a good scarf, just what the doctor ordered when the temperature gauge drops and we need something to help keep the chills at bay. That simple long piece of material wrapped around the neck can do wonders, whilst brightening up an otherwise simple ensemble. 

Then the difficult part arises, just which method to use to tie it? Till you delve deeper into all the different variations, you don’t realise how many unique ways there is. Some are admittedly over complicated and need a map to navigate the loops and threads, usually resulting into something quite unsatisfactory at the finish line anyway.

So on my men’s fashion blog I’ve chosen my favourite 4 ways to tie a scarf for simple yet effective classic looks, without reducing you to looking like you’ve attempted to escape a straight jacket (and failing!) yet which enable you to add that extra touch of style to your outfit. With your new knowledge into the best methods to tie a scarf, you can also check out my top 8 scarves available now.

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The Parisian

How-To-Tie-A-Scarf Parisian
How To Tie A Scarf Parisian

A simple yet effective way to wear a scarf thats suitable for any occasion. Open the scarf out to full length, fold in half and allow both ends to touch, throw the folded end around your neck, thread the loose ends through the newly created loop, then pull just enough to tighten as you wish.

The Once Around

How-To-Tie A-Scarf The Once Around

One of my personal favourite ways to tie a scarf. Begin by draping the 2 ends around your neck, leave one end a little longer, then simply wrap the longer edge back around your neck.

The Toss


When you’re in a hurry, this is the perfect style to utilise. As before, drape both ends around your neck then just casually ‘toss’ the other end back around. Simple.

The Reverse Drape Tuck

How-To-Tie-A-Scarf-Reverse Drape Tuck

This one is the most complicated of the styles I’ve chosen, but with a little practice will be second nature in no time. Start with the ‘once around’ as shown above (drape around you, then wrap it around the neck). Take one of the ends and feed it through the loop, then do the same with the opposite end. Tighten or loosen to your preference.

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  1. Steven Whaley
    October 20, 2016 / 7:38 pm

    I usually opt for the Once Around. 🙂 But that last one looks interesting… I’ve not tried that. I might give it a go.

    • Adam
      October 20, 2016 / 10:51 pm

      The once around is definitely nice and also pretty simple to do!

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