The Importance Of Tie Bars

The Importance Of Tie Bars

The world of men’s accessories is filled with a wide variety of options, yet the tie bar is often overlooked. However, as you will discover in my latest article, this tiny piece of metal can elevate your entire ensemble and make a bold statement. Carry on reading to find out more.

Tie bars may appear to be a functional item, their basis for keeping your tie in place. However, they are a symbol of sophistication and a way to showcase your personal style. In the following guide, I will share the significance of the humble tie bar and how you can embrace it to boost your formalwear outfits.

The History Of The Tie Bar


The tie bar (also known as the tie clip) has been a staple of men’s fashion since its inception in the early 20th century. Initially, it was used as a tool to hold the tie in place from heavy gusts of wind or, worse, to prevent it from getting caught in machinery, which could invoke potentially horrific outcomes! Over the years, this evolved, and the tie bar transformed from a practical item to a stylish accessory.

Famous Men And Their Tie Bars

Tie bars have even been worn by famous figureheads throughout history, allowing them to display their impeccable style to the world – from Frank Sinatra to President John F. Kennedy, these iconic men used the humble tie clip to enhance their power-suited ensembles.

Choosing The Right Tie Bar Size

During the selection process, it is essential to consider the best size and shape of the tie bar for your chosen tie. Traditionally, the tie bar should be about half the width of the tie to create a balanced overall look.

Materials And Finish

As with all men’s accessories, tie bars are available in a wide range of different materials and finishes. Classic models opt for silver or gold, yet modern designs have used a wood finish, brushed metals, or rose gold. Always select a tie bar that calls out to you and complements your outfit choice.

Design And Embellishments

Traditional tie bars are sleek and understated, yet you could go all out with a patterned model featuring an array of additions such as gems and diamonds or even a branded logo. Again, go bold if you want to stand out; otherwise, keep it minimal for a more reserved style.

How To Wear A Tie Bar

Placement And Position

One of the most crucial aspects of wearing a tie bar is placing it correctly. As a rule, the clip should sit between your shirt’s third and fourth buttons (halfway down the tie). If it sits too high or too low, it can throw off your outfit, disrupting how it looks.

Outfit Coordination

Tie clips are created to bring harmony to your outfit, not to be the main attraction, competing with your other accessories. Ensure your chosen bar compliments your clothing pieces – shirt, tie, suit, and footwear.

Tie Bars For Special Occasions

You can wear a tie bar on many occasions, yet different events will require a different style. Formal events or meetings will need a classic and simple affair, while casual environments will allow you to be more daring and rock one of your more head-turning articles.


Tie Bar Dress Codes

Tie bars can elevate your outfit easily, especially at big formal affairs. Are you attending an important business meeting or a fancy black-tie event? A tie bar is an ideal accessory, no matter the dress code or level of formality.

Seasonal And Trends

In the fashion world, trends and styles are constantly changing, which also applies to tie bars. Keep track of what is currently ‘in’ and choose your accessories accordingly to look fresh and current. Alternatively, opt for seasonal colours and designs to keep everything timeless.

Personal Style

If you want to show off your style and express your tastes, a tie clip can help you with this task. When chosen correctly, the tie bar can reflect everything about you – from a classic number to something more outlandish.

Looking After Your Tie Bar

Cleaning And Maintenance

To ensure your tie bar lasts for years, keep it regularly cleaned. Maintenance is crucial – use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt, grime, and fingerprint marks.

Storage And Organisation

If you are a fashionable guy, you are likely to end up with quite a collection of tie bars! As such, you will need to store and organise your collection effectively. Invest in a storage box or tray so you can easily access each piece.

Building A Tie Bar Collection

Essential Designs And Styles

Start your tie bar collection with the classics – silver or gold are a great starting point, as they can pair with similar accessories in your collection. You can expand from this by adding models with different designs, materials and embellishments. Soon, you will have a tie bar collection to show off and be proud of.

Investment Pieces And Heirlooms

Many tie bars transcend being simple accessories. They are high-quality, timeless investment pieces that can be passed down through generations and transformed into valuable heirlooms.

Mix And Match

When your collection of tie bars starts to grow, you can explore mixing and matching different styles and designs with your vast array of formal outfits to create something truly memorable.

Using Accessories For Self-Expression

Confidence Building

As with everything in fashion, looking good for yourself and others is a way to raise your self-esteem and boost your confidence. Even something as small as a tie bar can make an outfit, making you feel good about yourself, which will show in how you present yourself.

Attention To Detail

Tie clips show that you value even the smallest detail of your appearance, and fellow fashionistas will admire your willingness to go the extra mile.

Lasting Impression

No matter whether it is a personal or professional setting, this tiny piece of metal will allow you to make a strong, lasting impression on everyone you meet. It will tell a story of refinement and show that you display a keen sense of style.

Tie Bars In Popular Culture

Movies And Television

Tie bars have been popular with legendary silver screen and TV characters known for their style, such as James Bond (particularly Sean Connery) and Don Draper (from Made Men). These special cinematic appearances have cemented the tie bar in popular culture.


Even today, many famous celebs from TV, film, music, and social media influencers are keen to rock a stylish tie bar. Appearances on the red carpet or other high-profile events are the perfect way for these well-known figures to show off their love of these fashionable accessories.

The Future Of Tie Bars

New Styles And Trends

Technological advancements can be seen in every aspect of life, including the fashion niche. As such, even tie bars can get cool and unique upgrades thanks to new materials, designs, and construction methods that display these classic items in new and exciting ways.


Thanks to the increased awareness of sustainability, many brands have begun looking for new ways to manufacture and distribute their items to ensure the environment and workforce are treated fairly and ethically.


In summary, the simple tie bar is a fantastic little accessory that will raise your outfit to the next level, transforming your look and boosting your confidence. With so many varieties available, you can continually add pieces to your wardrobe, keeping your formal ensembles fresh and chic. The tie bar is undoubtedly an essential element of your suited outfits. Be sure to embrace them and showcase your style to the world.

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