Cuir Elixir Lustrochetta Sunglasses Case Review

Cuir Elixir Lustrochetta Sunglasses Case Review

Sunglasses are an expensive yet essential addition to every wardrobe collection, and it is vital to keep them protected during your travels around the globe. In my latest article, I take a look at the Cuir Elixir Lustrochetta Sunglasses Case – Continue reading to find out more.

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I have a wide variety of sunglasses from various brands (from high-street to designer), and I am guilty of just dropping them into my luggage, which can often be dangerous to the integrity of this pricey accessory! The frame can easily bend out of shape, and the glass can even pop out with too much pressure. This is where the Cuir Elixir Lustrochetta Sunglasses Case comes into play, allowing you to slip your favourite shades into the leather sleeve and transport them with you fully protected within a contemporary leather package.

I had featured the brand on my site before when I featured another of their products with the Cuir Elixir Tanchetta Watch Case Review – a stunning product offering outstanding protection to your premium Swiss watch.

Style & Design

The Cuir Elixir Sunglasses case is an undeniably attractive accessory, bathed in vegetable-tan full-grain Vachetta leather, paired with navy blue Nubuck lining, creating a wonderful-looking piece. I’ve always been a fan of this orange-tan colouring, so that would always be a plus point for me.


If you use sunglasses on a regular basis, then this case is invaluable, allowing you to visit far-flung places (especially during the summer months) with your shades close by, protected from any dangers. You slide your sunglasses inside the case, which can be opened and closed using a button closure for extra security. Additionally, thanks to its luxury design, it will also look the part sitting proudly on your desk at home or in the office.


The case is large enough to cover any pair of sunglasses; even those 70s-inspired aviators will be safely protected from the elements. Even so, it can be easily slipped into your backpack, luggage, or hold-all, taking up very little space.

Value For Money

It is likely you have spent a considerable amount on designer sunglasses, so it makes perfect sense that your premium leather case comes in at a comparable rate – offering top-quality construction and excellent functionality with a beautiful finish.


If you are searching for the perfect accessory to protect your designer sunglasses during your travels, both far and away, then you need to check out this luxury case from Cuir Elixir – the ideal gift to yourself or even to a friend or loved one. Will you be adding one to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments section below.

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