Arterton Nakata Suit Hanger Review

Arterton Nakata Suit Hanger Review

More often than not, we buy a brand new suit or blazer and only have a simple plastic hanger for storage, which is typically unsuitable for long-term use. Fortunately, Arterton is there to save the day with their premium Nakata Suit Hanger.

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Many people often fail to realise that cheap or poorly made hangers are actually damaging to clothing. On many occasions, I’ve headed to clothing stores and gasped in horror at high-priced clothing hung up using poorly shaped hangers. The worst culprits are those with pointy tips, causing them to protrude through the fabric, which can cause the material to have a permanent misshapen look.

Sometimes stores will use heavy-duty thick plastic hangers, which are definitely an improvement but a long way from the quality you need to ensure your clothing hangs how it should. I have always advocated for wooden-style hangers with a solid structure that will ensure your clothing pieces are stored well. The Nakata brand has been around since 1946, using tried and tested Japanese crafting techniques. Even so, the brand is keeping up with the times, implementing modern ideas to ensure they still hold the moniker of the world’s best hangers.

In my latest review, I will be taking a look at the Nakata AUT-05 Hanger from Aterton, one of the premium models in the collection.


The wood is a gorgeous and striking dark European Beechwood, flawlessly crafted. The fully rotatable hook features polished steel hardware for a touch of sparkle. The accompanying trouser bar is felted, ensuring the fabric is held firmly in place. This model is the newer AUT-05 variation which includes contouring around the neck and shoulder area, which helps delicate clothing pieces to be held in place while keeping their structure intact. There is no question that these hangers are beautiful additions to your wardrobe – how often can you say that about something as simple as a clothes hanger?


As soon as you touch the smooth wood of the Nakata hanger, you know that you are in the presence of a quality product. You can run your entire hand across it and feel nothing but a smooth texture. The company has a mantra which each of their workshop artisans follows “crafting with heart”. You can be sure that each piece you acquire from the brand embodies perfection.

Value For Money

The cost of each hanger is undoubtedly expensive; however, if you consider some bespoke suits cost thousands, ensuring your beloved three-piece is stored safely, then it is a cost that can be truly justified. The thick shoulder bars help to avoid the fabric stretching or causing the shoulders of the clothes to gain unsightly dimples.


If you are in the business of collecting high-end suits and blazers, it is definitely a ‘no-brainer’ when it comes to making the leap to purchase a Nakata AUT-05 Hanger from Arterton. Check them out now!

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*Partnership with Arterton London / Opinions are my own.


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