Elevate Your Style With Men’s Accessories

Elevate Your Style With Men’s Accessories

Choosing the correct accessory is an art form, the final touches of self-expression that completes any outfit. In my latest blog post, I will be taking a look at the wide range of accessories available to the modern man. Continue reading to find out more.

I have been a fan of accessories for many years; what started with a love of watches soon escalated to jewellery pieces such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. My outfit is never completed unless I am covered in stainless silver (and, on rare occasions, gold). You can easily add a little colour that can make everything really pop, especially if you are wearing something minimalist and subtle (greys, blacks, and whites), raising the stakes of your outfit tenfold.


Many men often avoid the allure of jewellery, still in fear of the chunky items popular back in the 70s and 80s, but once you have dipped your toe into the world of these shiny accessories, you will not want to leave. You can opt for stainless steel, tarnished silver (I love that slightly worn, rugged look), gold, or even rose gold for that extra sparkle! Bracelets, cuffs, or bangles are a good starting point that can be stacked for a boho/festival vibe. Necklaces are another easy addition to your outfits, from simple chains to large pendant attachments to make a big and bold statement.

Finally, you could choose a variety of rings to garnish your hand, from simple silver pieces to more out-there numbers containing stones and gems – alternatively, get your ears pierced and choose a stylish earring to showcase your alternative style.


Regular readers will note that I am a huge fan of watches and feature them regularly on my fashion blog, along with owning numerous pieces myself. One of my favourite styles is a Swiss sports watch, offering a fantastic mixture of classic design with modern details, allowing you to rock it at almost any occasion or event. With the increasing popularity of tech-based fashion items, smartwatches have taken center stage, with many digital lovers opting for something from this category, allowing them to keep track of the online world while keeping their style in check. If you still hark back to the good ole days of elegance, you could select a classic chained pocket watch from Dalvey, which can add that finishing touch to your three-piece tweed suit, especially if you love the Peaky Blinders!

If formalwear is your thing, and a pocket watch is a little too much, choose a leather strapped white-faced timepiece for that classic allure, yet still allowing you to wear it daily for work and play.


Belts are a great addition to your outfit, keeping your trousers in place and completing your ensemble. Be sure to match the colour of your shoes to your belt to keep everything aligned perfectly. As with all things, numerous items are available for the stylish man about town – leather, canvas, or even metal chained (if you want that rockstar vibe!). You can wear belts to finish your formal look such as pants with a suit or even a casual pairing with jeans and boots.


When it comes to formalwear, a tie is the gateway to allowing you to showcase your personal little touches to your outfit. Even if it is a strict office-based dress code, the humble necktie will enable you to add a flourish of colour, patterns, stripes, or prints. You could also add a silk variation to the proceedings, turning that blazer, shirt and tie combo from flat to fascinating.


A hat can be a valuable addition to your attire, allowing you to shield yourself from the elements, such as the wind and rain (or even the sun during hotter seasons), and make you look chic. I have a large variety of hats to use – baseball caps, flat caps (for that English gent appearance), fedoras, trilbys, and straw hats.


Bags for men are a great sidekick, allowing you to keep your daily essentials safe and sound. Hold-alls are ideal for those long-hauls across the country and beyond, or a leather briefcase will allow you to transport your important documents and files, laptop, and more to that big city business meeting.


Accessories are the unsung heroes of every man’s outfit, allowing you to harmonise your outfit, bringing it all together into a fashionably cohesive whole – consider using many different pieces for a unique display of style, differentiating yourself from the masses with your selection of jewellery items, watches, belts, ties, hats, and bags. So, go forth and shop! Add new, cool, and quirky accessories to your wardrobe and ensure you are the star of the show.

Are you a fan of men’s accessories? If so, what are your favourite go-to items? Tell me more in the comments section at the bottom of this article.


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