Grams28 Leather Laptop Folio and iPhone Leather Case Review

Grams28 Leather Laptop Folio and iPhone Leather Case Review

Keeping your beloved tech nice and safe is essential; however, as fellow fashion lovers, you want to ensure they look stylish too. Grams 28 offers a vast range of products that aim to protect your accessories while ticking those chic boxes! Continue reading to find out more.

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Grams28 launched in 2019 with founder Benjamin Chan at the helm to a roaring success on the back of their flagship tech folio, and they have since gone from strength to strength. The brand’s mantra is luxurious bags and accessories that are practical too.

The name – Grams28 is inspired by the movie 21 Grams, which states that a person’s soul weighs exactly ’21 grams’. In this case, the name was chosen because the designers put their love and soul into each product, and they will be a companion for you 7 days a week (28 days a month).

All of their products are crafted using Italian full-grain leather that looks better as it ages (gaining a patina effect). Their leather comes from the Gruppo Mastrotto tannery In Italy, whose ethos is to be eco-friendly. The leather is also certified as bio-based, and the factory is carbon-neutral.

For the purpose of my review, I will be checking out the two following products.

Grams28 114 Leather Folio

First up is the beautiful-looking leather folio, which is available in various sizes depending on your laptop or notebook. I choose the 13-inch model to use with my trusty workhorse Macbook Pro 13.

Style & Design

The case is undeniably sleek and very minimal, bathed in a plain colour (black, dark blue, olive, or fossil grey). There is only the slightest hint of branding, with the Grams28 logo and product numbering printed in tiny text on the front. The internal section uses a gorgeous beige hue, partnering against the outer section beautifully (especially the grey version I chose). You will be more than happy to carry this around with you during your working day in the corporate world, definitely gaining a few admirers!


There is a variety of different models available, depending on what you need. I selected the 118 model, aimed at products around 13 inches. My MacBook fits perfectly inside, nice and snug, yet easily slides in and out with ease.


The case will be a great addition to your daily routine, allowing you to carry your prized laptop wherever you go. Along with the main compartment for your device, there is also a slot for a number of pens, an Apple pencil, and even a notebook. Additional pockets are included for your other essential accessories – cables, charger, or phone.

Grams28 iPhone 14 Leather Case

Style & Design

Following suit from the stylish Leather Folio, the phone case is also a marvel of design and understated aesthetics. Its vegetable-tanned snowflake leather is as beautiful as it is practical (which will also begin to develop a worn-in and rugged appearance as it ages with use). You can even opt for personalisation on the case, using a hand-embossed technique for lettering.


As with the laptop folios, the phone case comes in all the sizes you would imagine – I selected the iPhone 14 model, and as expected, it was a solid fit.


The iPhone case boasts 360-degree protection, defending against knocks, bumps, and drops. The case sits 1mm above the front screen and rear camera, allowing for complete safety. It is also MagSafe-ready, allowing you to charge your phone efficiently and effectively.


On reflection, after using both the Leather Folio and iPhone case from Grams28, I am 100% happy with both products. They are easy to fit and use, offering excellent protection, but ultimately are a joy to look at too! Perfect for all of us tech-based fashionistas!

What do you think of these items for protecting your kit? Are they something you will be investing in? Let me know in the comments area at the bottom of the page.

*Partnership with Grams28 / Opinions are my own.


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