The Impact Of Technology Trends On The Fashion Industry

The Impact Of Technology Trends On The Fashion Industry

It is a well-known fact that the fashion industry is huge, and the UK is no exception (after all, London is always considered one of the major fashion cities in the world!). As styles change and the modern tech-based world advances, it is natural that both entities begin to entwine together. In my latest style blog article, I will consider technology’s impact on the clothing industry; continue reading to learn more.

Financially the fashion world is staggeringly huge, and this industry is estimated to be worth over £67 million, and this value is almost guaranteed to keep growing worldwide. Because the general public, most notably those who love the latest clothing, continually wants the next big thing, fashions constantly evolve, and technical aspects are currently a huge talking point. Most of the changes are undeniably positive for the consumer and the industry as a whole. In the following section, I will discuss some key facts to give you some insider knowledge! (perfect for that upcoming post-dinner discussion).

The Design Process

One of the major areas that technology is used in fashion is during the design process, providing a huge boost in innovation (and, dare I say it, pushing styles into the future – we will soon have those Fifth Element-esque outfits we always wanted!).

One of the most novel ways is using PCB software to incorporate circuits into clothing – allowing designers to add a sci-fi vibe to their collection by using an assortment of sensors, LED’s and other electrical components. 3D printing has greatly affected how things are crafted, which has also helped in clothing manufacture, allowing the production to be more sustainable as much less energy is used (although the same amount of pieces are created).

How Does Technology Help The Fashion Consumer

As with all business, the customer comes first, and thanks to many tech-based advancements, this is easier to achieve than it ever has been thanks to AI. Customers can have their unique data analysed by Artificial Intelligence based tech to allow brands to calculate what products they like and which will sell well in upcoming seasons, even going as far as using all of this data to create a much better shopping experience online and making it personal to the consumer.

As time passes, it is unfortunate that many bricks and mortar stores are closing in favour of online shopping, which is no surprise as more than 80% of Brits made one or more online purchases in 2021. However, even shopping online has seen huge advancements thanks to AI allowing you to try clothes virtually from the comfort of your home (I recently reviewed a pair of Hockerty Sneakers that offer this feature).

There is no doubt that the future will hold new and spectacular ways in which clothing and tech will blend and work together, an exciting time for shoppers around the world! What are your thoughts on how the fashion world is advancing? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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