Arxiome – Jewellery Brand Interview

Arxiome – Jewellery Brand Interview

Men’s jewellery is one of my not-so-secret passions (along with watches!); rarely will I be seen out without a selection of different rings, bracelets and necklaces. In my latest men’s fashion blog post, I am proud to feature an interview with the founder of Arxiome (Mehdi Nebbaki) – whose collection is based on French Brutalist Minimalism with a penchant for gaming pieces. Please continue reading to learn more about this exciting new jewellery brand and its brilliant creations.

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1 Could you tell me more about your brand, Arxiome?

Arxiome is about simple, timeless and minimalist designs, with multiple references to the gaming world in subtle ways. The lines of my jewellery are always very geometric, and the construction is made to be virtually eternally durable. Everything is handmade in my atelier near Lyon, France, using mainly titanium and tantalum, two outstanding and super-strong metals.

My crafting technique, “electro-discharge machining”, is very special, usually employed in precision industries such as watchmaking components. For my use, I have rethought it so that I can cut shapes for the jewellery I craft, sometimes using it in non-conventional ways. The result is without any welds, solders or seams, as it’s all crafted from one block of metal before I add the fine-tuning and polishing touches.

2 What inspired you to create your own jewellery brand?

I wanted to create jewellery that could easily outlast you and withstand life’s adventures, meaning that it could stay new looking forever without taking precautions while wearing it. I wanted to create timeless, minimalist and enduring designs, regardless of the inspiration. Besides, I love titanium as a metal, as it matches all my criteria of durability while looking great too. Once I began working on creating the first prototypes, I initially started with completely original creations such as the Gordias, Daidalos or Zenos designs and their unique functionality. I later began to design around video games’ symbols and emblems. The Buster Sword was one of the first of its kind, with its minimal and iconic shape.

3 Your jewellery is inspired by gaming, what is your favourite game genre?

I love Japanese role-playing games above all, which probably dates back to the first Final Fantasy games for me. This genre has always had a way of conveying emotions that strikes a chord in me, and I believe it’s strongly tied to Japanese culture and its way of creating art.

4 What is your all time top 5 games? (and will you be releasing jewellery pieces for them).

My favourite games are, for the most part, are surprisingly modern releases. Many fantastic games have hit the market in recent years. My top releases are as follows.

  • Nier Automata: I love Yoko Taro’s works, but this one takes the cake. It had everything, from the mature and deep setting to the universe, the music and the art.
  • Persona 5: Amazing story, music, art, and gameplay. I’ve always loved the Persona series, and the latest surpassed them all.
  • Dark Souls 3: This is a masterpiece – the gameplay, lore and challenge tick all the boxes. I have yet to play Elden Ring, so that one might replace Dark Souls 3 at a later date.
  • Final Fantasy 7: A classic and one of the first games I ever played. I have fond memories of it, and the remake lives up to its name.
  • Breath Of The Wild: I was blown away by everything and how it was such a departure from the traditional Zelda games. The ambience, level design and exploration are magic.

I have already made pieces for Nier, Persona, and Final Fantasy 7. Rings are in the works for Dark Souls 3, but I might wait to play Elden Ring and do jewellery for this game instead. A similar case for Breath of the Wild and its sequel.

5 What is your favourite design from your collection?

I designed and released the Buster Sword first because I’ve always loved it as Cloud’s weapon of choice. It’s such a seemingly simple design that doesn’t immediately scream “video game”, yet you can’t unsee it once you know what it is. A broad, massive blade with minimal lines, it is a versatile piece of jewellery that goes well with anything – even if you’re not into video games.

6 Will you be expanding your products in the future?

Absolutely, I’m focusing on video game jewellery at the moment, and as I play/get inspiration, I intend to create new designs based on them. I’m exploring Dragon Quest ideas right now.

7 What is your most popular item(s) from your collection?

The Buster Sword is the most popular one, and I believe the reasons why it’s my favourite, the simple appearance and the strong reference to one of the most iconic games, justify it.

8 How did you decide on the name Arxiome for your brand?

It comes from Arx = fortress in Latin, and Axiome = “just” in French. I wanted to convey that the jewellery I craft is as a fortress/armour, strong and enduring, with it being what you see, i.e. crafted from one solid block of metal, with no artifice and nothing to hide how it was constructed.

9 What exciting products do you have coming soon?

I am currently working on pieces from Berserk, namely Guts’ sword and the Mark of Sacrifice. I am delighted with the first prototypes and plan to create pendants and earrings. Guts’ sword, in particular, looks amazing.

10 Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

I am very grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with you, Adam, and I hope your readers will have found an interesting read and want to discover what I do! Should you wish to see more of my work, you can go directly to my website or visit @arxiome on Instagram, where I also post special/unique pieces and prototypes. Thank you for your time and for doing this interview with me.


Thank you, Mehdi, for taking the time to answer my questions! I look forward to seeing more from your fantastic jewellery brand in the future!


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