Dermadry Total – Hyperhidrosis Treatment – New 2022 Model – Review

Dermadry Total – Hyperhidrosis Treatment – New 2022 Model – Review

Perspiration happens to us all, it is a natural process to keep our body cooler, but sometimes we may find that the amount we sweat is excessive for our body size. Dermadry aims to help those in this situation with their iontophoresis machine that helps to keep it under control. In my latest blog post, I will look at the company’s new updated 2022 model – click to read more.

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I originally reviewed the Dermadry Total package in an earlier post which you can read here. After using the product for a short time, I found that it helped my perspiration level dramatically. This latest model has updated a few features to keep the brand the market leader within the iontophoresis sector, which I will be discussing in the main body of the review.

Iontophoresis Treatment

Iontophoresis treatment has been favoured in the medical world since 1940, and it works by allowing a small electrical current to run through the skin. This process will neutralise the connection between the sweat glands and the nerves, which in turn causes the body to reduce the amount of sweat that the body will produce in the targeted area. It is a treatment that can be used by anyone who overheats too much throughout the day, as it uses only standard tap water (rather than any chemicals which could cause irritation).

Package contents

2022 Model Upgraded Features

The newer model features a handful of alterations to improve the overall package you will receive, which are listed here (if you already own the original collection, you can upgrade just the new parts as a separate purchase).

  • Case & Treatment Trays – The shipping/carry case is a much smaller design (easier to store and transport) that is also lighter and features an ergonomic wrist support design which also includes the added benefit of a built-in water measurement line.
  • Silicon Electrodes – The shipping/carry case is a much smaller design (easier to store and transport) that is also lighter and features an ergonomic wrist support design that includes the added benefit of a built-in water measurement line.
  • Perforated Silicone Mats – Gone are the older cotton towels in favour of waterproof silicone mats, which are much more efficient and effective. Previously you would inevitably have to wash the towels after a few uses and then wait for drying time – the silicone drys fast and is much more hygienic overall.

Contents shared between new and old models

The remainder of the items in the package are universally the same and are listed here.

  • Controller – The control device is the main body of the treatment – once switched on, you can select which body part to use, i.e. hands, feet or underarms. The controller has a digital screen that displays your treatment time, current level, and the presets you are using.
  • Pockets – These are used to slip the silicone electrodes inside when treating your underarms.
  • Adaptor and cables – The package includes a variety of different cables and leads, plugs (all with a 5-year warranty), and universal outputs.
  • Instruction Manual – The instructions are fully in-depth and explain everything you need to know during your Dermadry journey.


It is a simple process when using the Iontophoresis device, even if, at first glance, it appears quite imposing with all the different options available and its components.

Hands Or Feet

When treating your hands or feet, you take both plastic trays provided (upgraded from the earlier model, which used both sides of the carry case) and lay down the silicon mats inside. Connect the cables to the tray and controller, fill with water (to the marked line), and you are ready to begin. The digital screen of the controller displays a selection of different options, including which area to use (in this case, hands or feet). The treatment will only be for a short time of just 20 minutes to ensure the process is effective.


The underarm treatment is very similar; the only difference is using the silicone electrodes inside the pockets, which are placed under the arms and held in place for 15 minutes during the treatment.

Treatment Time

As stated above, the process takes 20 minutes for hands/feet and 15 minutes for underarm treatment. But how frequently you use the Dermadry device will heavily depend on your level of Hyperhidrosis (which can vary from mild to moderate or sometimes severe). For best results, use the device 3-5 times a week for up to 6 weeks, depending on your category (level 3 would be the highest bracket). After seeing a remarkable improvement, you can reduce the time spent using the treatment; however, it is still best to put some time aside for maintenance.


During my earlier usage of the Dermadry package, I saw a definite improvement in my perspiration level, which decreased the amount of sweat I produced on a daily basis. The updated model will provide the same results, only using a much more streamlined process, and I was able to retire my previous model in favour of the new one to upkeep my treatment.

If you are looking to help reduce your level of sweat (no matter how much you produce), then I wholeheartedly recommend the Dermadry Total Package, as I myself have used it and seen great results. Check them out for yourself, and you will be more than satisfied!

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*Partnership with Dermadry / Opinions are my own.


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