Kore Reckless Neo-lock Sunglasses Review

Kore Reckless Neo-lock Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses for men are always a cool accessory to include in your wardrobe essentials, I myself own multiple pairs in various styles. As you can imagine, I was excited to get to grips with the Kore Reckless Neo Lock Sunglasses for my latest review.

Regular readers may remember that I had featured the brand before with my Kore Essentials Track Belt Review. The brand has styled itself on integral functionality often missing from popular clothing accessories such as belts (with their essential ratchet system) and now with sunglasses. Read on to find out more about how they fare in the oversaturated sunglasses market.

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Design & Shape

The Kore Reckless sunglasses definitely have a striking appearance, visually apparent as soon as you remove them from the packaging (very impressive, but more on that later). Bathed in a solid black colour that causes the accessory to ooze a simplistic cool – you could easily imagine some action movie star rocking these in a cop / military role!

The glasses’ overall body shape is much more wide and bulky than typical options available on the market; however, this works in its favour as a stand out piece. The rim around the lenses features sleek lines, almost rectangular with a smooth round off edge so to look more casual than formal. The lenses are coated with a blue tint, which will catch the eye of anyone passing by (you wanted that extra attention, right?).

There is some branding on the glasses, the Kore logo is reverse-embossed into the side of each arm, yet despite the sizeable font size, I find it actually adds to the appeal, rather than diminishing the style. So far, I am a big fan of how they look, now let’s move onto the details.

Wearability & Comfort

As mentioned, these sunglasses exude a look which could be defined as a classic (and timeless) American style – such as a simple white T, denim, boots and a fitted leather jacket. However, they are not just pigeon-holed into that category; you can easily wear them in numerous other ways and styles too (casual, smart casual or even on the beach!). Even several places of employment that call for sunglasses during those summer months outside or even on the road.

Thanks to the plastic’s soft and smooth texture, the sunglasses are a dream to wear in terms of comfort. Once on your head, the fit is snug, but not too tight, and they sit perfectly across each ear and stay in place without any fear of them slipping off, even during intensive activities.


As you can imagine from the Kore brand, the Reckless sunglasses feature very high production values, especially compared to their competitors in the field. Crafted using an imported Swiss TR90 thermoplastic material, which, as mentioned, is a soft-touch material which feels delicate on the skin, yet is undoubtedly tough and robust. The Kore Klarity Lens is fabricated using a high-grade polariser, which offers increased protection from sun-glare bolstered with UV400 sun protection ability, ideal for days out with the heavy sun.

One of the key selling points is the inclusion of neodymium smart magnets sitting within each arm. These allow you to fold and lock your glasses shut, closing onto your clothing or equipment. This magnetic closure ensures your sunglasses are held in place, without any worry of them slipping onto the ground, albeit as they are so hardy, I feel they would survive multiple drops. The magnets are also positioned outwards, keeping the magnetic field away from the head and body.


The sunglasses arrive packaged in a particularly unique storage case, a cylindrical travel tube that handily fits in most cup holders for easy access on your travels. The tub itself is fashioned out of solid black plastic, in keeping with the overall look of the brand. The case opens and closes with a screw-top lid, which shuts tightly to keep the contents secure. Well made and tough-looking, something you can imagine sitting side by side with high-end security equipment.

Value For Money

Retailing at a $149.95 price point, comfortably in direct competition with other high-end sunglasses brands, however, even designer sunglasses brands are often priced highly solely on the name. The Kore Sunglasses retail at this level because of the quality you are guaranteed and the extra features typically missing from competitors.


In summary, the Kore Reckless Neo-lock Sunglasses are an excellent buy if you are in the market for a new pair of shades for the upcoming summer. Ones that stand out in design, yet include high-quality production levels and the invaluable magnetic arm lock feature, all for a very reasonable cost. What are your thoughts on these sunglasses?

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*Partnership with Kore / Opinions are my own.


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