Cuir Elixir Tanchetta Watch Case Review

Cuir Elixir Tanchetta Watch Case Review

If you are the proud owner of a beautiful timepiece, you will undoubtedly want to keep it well-protected – in my latest blog post review, I check out the Cuir Elixir Watch Case, which aims to keep it safe and stylish. Continue reading to find out more.

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I myself own a handful of different watches, including Swiss-made Automatic timepieces, including an Omega Aqua Terra Seamaster, which begs to be kept safe on my many trips up and down the country and beyond – as stylish as the original boxes are, many are not practical for travel due to their bulky shape and size, and this is where something like the Cuir Elixir Vanchetta Watch Case could become invaluable.

The Cuir Elixir brand was created to allow fashionistas with a love of travel the ability to explore the world while keeping their beloved accessories safe and sound, yet ensuring that they are beautiful works of art that you will be proud to carry with you no matter your destination. The first release was an iconic pencil case ideal for those home studies; since that illustrious beginning, they have moved onto a variety of other pieces, including the Watch Case, which I am featuring in the following review.

Style & Design

As soon as I removed the Cuir Elixir Watch Case from the soft-touch navy dust bag, I was blown away by its stunning design. The soft tan full-grain and vegetable-tanned Vachetta Italian leather boasts a fantastic-looking hue that cannot be captured with justice by any online images. The shape is a cube, which is classic yet novel (as let’s be honest, you rarely see this shape used for accessories). The internal blue nubuck lining and zipper contrast the tan leathering to offer something extraordinary to look at, easily sitting with pride against your other designer pieces.


The watch case size is on a smaller scale; its cube-like design makes for a perfect travel accessory! It will not take up much space in your suitcase or luggage and can easily be popped into your backpack for weekend breaks. It sits pleasingly in the palm of your hand, allowing you to unzip and remove your watch with ease.

  • Length – 8cm
  • Height – 8cm
  • Width – 7cm


Whether on the road or chilling at home, a watch box like this is invaluable. During travel, you can keep your timepiece safely secured inside the zippered enclosure, protecting it from any bumps and bangs within your luggage. When at rest, you can still use the box to store your watch (especially if you have multiple timepieces to choose from), and it has the extra benefit of looking incredibly stylish when sitting on your desk next to your other fashionable accessories.

Value For Money

If you want to protect your beloved designer watch, it is worth spending that little extra. Cuir Elixir’s product features exquisite genuine leather that is sturdy and will undoubtedly save the contents, even if dropped from a height, giving you additional piece of mind – definitely well worth the RRP price.


Do you need a new way to store your horological beauty safely, securely and stylishly? Then check out the Cuir Elixir Tanchetta Watch Case – striking and timeless looks, top-quality design, functionality and quality, all at a great price. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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*Partnership with Cuir Elixir / Opinions are my own.


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