NAnaco Men Modern Ring Review

NAnaco Men Modern Ring Review

Jewellery for men has increased in popularity in recent years, with many men choosing to adorn themselves with various accessories, rings being the most popular choice. In my latest blog post review, I take a look at the upcoming brand NAnaco Men and their modern ring style. Read on to find out more!

I am a huge fan of men’s fashion accessories and jewellery in particular, so I was keen to test out of their pieces from their launch collection, after finding out about the brand from owner and founder – Hyona Lim. Hyona founded her company based on the objective that jewellery should emulate architecture’s functionality via the same foundation and design factor, an admirable idea. NAanaco Men has set their goal to allow their rings to accommodate the body’s contours, ensuring a perfect fit for each customer.

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Design & Style

I chose The Modern NAnaco Men ring for the review, boasting sleeker lines compered to its more rounded brother. It was designed almost entirely using brushed silver titanium (hypoallergenic and tarnish-free), contrasting against a solitary black band, giving a simple yet very effective allure. This understated visual stands out just enough, eye-catching without falling into the trap of too busy, which can quickly diminish a sleek look all too easily.

Wearability & Fit

NAnaco proudly crafts their rings using what they call the “ERGO™” fit, featuring an asymmetrical interior which contains a directional function. The brand wanted the fit of their rings to be paramount, ensuring that all men would own a ring that sits perfectly on their finger. During the design process, the rings include a curved internal structure, allowing a snug positioning against the finger, yet also slip over and past the much wider knuckle area without any problems, giving your ring the perfect fit. The company has vowed to flip the industry upside down when it comes to sizing, hoping to banish ill-fitting rings in the future.

Thanks to the ring’s understated style; it can be worn practically anywhere. Suited and booted in a three-piece at the office, casual with a sweater and boots out with friends, or even at play on the beach during a vacation. I would happily state that this is the most user-friendly ring I have owned regarding how easy it is to style.


Each of the NAnaco rings are created using advanced 3D printing technology guaranteeing all of their items are identical in shape and size while adhering to the quality workmanship the brand demands for their customers.

The ring’s metal is lightweight, which combined with a slim-line 6mm band will make you almost forget you are wearing anything at all (ideal if this your introduction into wearing jewellery).

One of the NAnaco brand’s unique selling points is how they size their rings to get that great fit. They base their measurements off of these key sizes.

  • 1. knuckle diameter
  • 2. band’s width
  • 3. interior shape
  • 4. temperature fluctuations

With the high production values behind them, NAnaco has undoubtedly hit the grounded running in this department.

Value For Money

As with most things in this world, you often have to spend that little more to get a better quality product. In my experience, jewellery falls into one of those categories. I have encountered men’s budget accessories in the past through my men’s fashion blog, and it rarely ever comes close to pieces that sit in a higher price bracket. The collection of NAnaco rings are currently available via Kickstarter, priced at $349, positioning itself firmly in a high-end grouping. However, as stated, you sometimes need to outlay a little more capital to reap the rewards (most notably with jewellery). I would happily say the price point is more than reasonable for the calibre of the product on offer.


The Modern NAnaco Men Ring is a top-quality piece of jewellery, offering a beautiful design which is versatile and can be worn to almost any event. The ERGO™ fit needs to be mentioned again in these closing words, a fantastic idea brought to life, finally allowing the dream of perfectly fitting rings to become a reality, all available for a more than reasonable price point. In conclusion, I am delighted with this ring. I cannot wait to see what the brand comes up with next!

What are your thoughts on this new jewellery range? If you like what you see, check out their Kickstarter Page.

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*Partnership with NAnaco Men / Opinions are my own.



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