Suoso Eyewear Sunglasses Review

Suoso Eyewear Sunglasses Review

Sunglasses are far more than a tool to protect your eyes from the power of the sun; they are also the perfect accessory to complete your latest fashion outfit. In my latest blog post review, I check out the collection from Suoso Eyewear to discover more about the brand.

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Suoso Eyewear is a new eyewear brand on the market, offering a wide range in their collection that aims to provide an innovative range of eyewear pieces that are both stylish and functional. They also pride themselves on customer care, providing top-quality service to every one of their customers. Since the brand’s conception, they have added various designs to its range and maintained its integrity throughout this evolving structure.

For the purpose of my review, I will look at their brand-new sunglasses range; continue reading to find out more!

Style & Design

The Suoso Eyewear Sunglasses have a powerful design characteristic, boasting a more active tone than many of the typical shades available on the market. The style boasts a sporty vibe, with the solid plastic frame as a base paired with the reflective lenses (both of which are available in a variety of colourways to suit your personal preference).

I selected two variations for the review –

  • C13 Black Frame / Red Mercury Lens
  • C18 Army Green Frame / Grey lens

There is only a small amount of branding on the sunglasses (a small logo on the arms), which aids in the understated design the brand is looking to achieve, creating an unenviable aesthetic you would be more than happy to wear on a daily basis.


This particular style of sunglasses would easily pair with outdoor activities and matching apparel – sporting events, trips to the great outdoors or even high-risk adventures such as hiking, mountaineering, or even racing. The rugged frame body works well with anything that would cause impact to your new shades, along with the innovative slip-resistant rubber nose pad for more comfortable wear. However, despite this, these sunglasses would work just as well with a typical daily ensemble. They can even boost your otherwise boring outfit in the fashionable stakes (the pop or red/orange worked fantastically with my orange jumper and leather jacket combo).


Each pair of Suoso Sunglasses is crafted using only the finest materials with a solid yet flexible polycarbonate material. The lenses feature HD polarized TAC with 100% UV 400 protection, ensuring your eyes are protected from sun rays. Additionally, the brand aims to work closely with the UN to achieve its sustainable development goals.


The shades arrive packaged within a solid textured black case with zippered closure (for complete protection from damage during your travels), and this is sheltered within a black and white styled box. These well-designed packages would sit well amongst your other premium fashion accessories.


If you are searching for a brand new pair of sunglasses for your outgoing activities, days out by the beach, or even to rock around the city, check out the Suoso collection – stylish design and solid construction all wrapped up inside a striking package. Overall, they will make an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Are you a fan of these new shades from Suoso? Will you be picking up a pair for yourself? Let me know in the comments section below!

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*Partnership with Suoso Eyewear / Opinions are my own.


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