Vanacci Virtue Element Customised Pendant Review

Vanacci Virtue Element Customised Pendant Review

With my latest lifestyle blog review, I have turned my attention to jewellery, specifically a personalised pendant from UK brand – Vanacci. Read on to find out more!

As my personal style changes and evolves, I begin to appreciate clothing pieces and accessories differently. Scrolling back to some of my earliest outfits and you can see I have slowly stepped out of my original comfort zone. This year, for example, my attention has been grabbed by accessories and jewellery! Men have been wearing rings, bracelets and pendants for centuries, but I always felt they would not suit me (however, I always wanted a gold signet ring when I was a kid!).

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For my following review, I have decided to look in depth at one of the Virtue Element Pendants from Vanacci. The UK based brand is offering these unique pieces to their customers, enabling them to choose from a variety of different elements which have their own unique textures and colours. Each one is created to order, rather than produced en masse and stored away in a warehouse. When selecting my item, I also opted in for the optional lockstone which sits alongside the metal element. This extraordinary material is unusual in that it allows the owner to infuse the stone with a choice of their very own fragrance; the scent will then bond with the lockstone and give the wearer a hint of that glorious fragrance when worn.

Design And Shape

Vanacci has chosen a long rectangular monolith style block shape for their pendants, something very classic and minimalist, yet still eye-catching. These types of designs are the perfect neck accessory as they coordinate with nearly every outfit combination you care to throw at it, from casual attire to a more formal ensemble. Despite the design swaying to an understated look, your choice of element can alter the dynamics quite dramatically; the bronze pendant (which stood out to me from those available) caused the impact of the necklace to be magnified two-fold, particularly on a sunny day (as seen in the worn photos). The added lockstone is identical in shape, instead fashioned out of solid black, contrasting effectively against your chosen metal.

Overall the structure of the metal is plain and sleek, albeit with individual marks from the fabrication process, however along the short edge of the pendant at the base is stamped the elemental symbol (in my case – CU for copper), which is a nice touch!


One of the unique selling points from Vanacci is that each of their pieces from the Element Pendants Collection is customisable, allowing the buyer to request text (even emojis or symbols) engraving across the long edge of the pendant. As you can imagine, I selected my blog name – Your Average Guy. I’m happy to report that each letter and word is spaced out perfectly and easily readable, even from a distance, excellent workmanship! Check out the attached images to see how it looks.

Wearability And Comfort

As touched upon briefly in an earlier section, due to the simplistic look, the pendant is an accessory that can be worn every day if you so wished. Even during your working hours, I can envision many rocking a Vanacci necklace. Comfort wise, there are no negatives here, the chain is smooth across the skin, and the metal and stone are light when held in position around your neck.


Vanacci take great pride in their work and products, as previously stated, each of their pieces are made to order with no two identical, each bearing individual nuances and subtleties. The brand has made every effort to keep everything made on site, with each of their elements forged within their UK workshop, something to be truly admired in this day and age.


In keeping with the minimalistic design of their products, their packaging too is equally modest. Arriving in a sleek all-black cardboard gift box, adorned with the company name and logo in a polar opposite silver foil effect. Overall, you would be happy to store this box in your accessories drawer amongst your other jewellery pieces.


I am totally in love with this Vanacci Pendant; it’s shape, structure and design tick all the right boxes, this is without even mentioning the fantastic name customisation available (I can’t stop looking at my blog name adorning the element!). I’m giving a big thumbs up to the brand and their products, check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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*Paid Partnership with Vanacci / Opinions are my own.


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