GANT Varsity College Style Outfit

GANT Varsity College Style Outfit

I’m heading back to school with my latest outfit on my men’s fashion blog, pairing a mixture of UK street style and American jock, creating something quite different from my usual clothing choices. Read on for more!

If American teen movies have taught me one thing, it’s that the classic varsity jacket is the epitome of cool, branded with the logo of the associated school or college, ensuring the wearer has a strong feeling of belonging. Because of its strong ties with sports affiliated youngsters, it is a particular style which has always alluded me (even though, I did admire the iconic design from afar), although in the fashion world, never say never! When browsing the men’s selection from GANT, I came across a brand new re-release of their iconic varsity jacket which was first released in 1949 (clearly hitting home the timeless factor of their pieces).

Whilst delving deeper into their 70th Anniversary collection, I discovered that GANT is offering 7 items of clothing which have been synonymous with the brand since their humble beginnings of an East Coast shirt retail store, long before they evolved into a worldwide powerhouse. The popularity of this new throwback collection is evident, so you would be advised to grab those pieces before they sell out!

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As you can see from my worn photos accompanying this post, I did snap up the GANT Varsity Jacket (was a no-brainer once I had pre-planned an outfit) which is fashioned in navy and white, complete with a large ‘G’ positioned on the left-hand chest area. I opted for their smallest size (which is a Small) and I am pleased to report that it is a perfect fit for my frame. Not just content with acquiring this single piece, I also snapped up one of their casual hooded sweatshirts, crafted from soft cotton and featuring a large fabric logo in the middle of the jumper. I chose to wear both items together, with the hoodie worn underneath the jacket for a fully fledged college inspired ensemble (who’d have guessed I’d be rocking a back to school outfit!).

I completed the look with a typical UK street trend, skinny jeans and simple trainers (gotta keep part of my outfit with signature style). The denim is faded black, entirely in tune with the navy and grey colouring of the GANT pieces. Bright white lace-up sneakers finished the look, giving an effective contrast to the overall ensemble.


We were scheduled to take a trip to Cardiff, so we decided to utilise the new location for this photo shoot. The wide open streets and the industrial vibe was quite a difference compared to the tiny historical pathways and buildings of Bath. It was certainly an interesting choice of scenery for the GANT outfit, offering large glass sections in the architecture and a zebra crossing (the latter, I always wanted to feature in a walking pose – mission accomplished!).

What do you think of this American college style outfit? Share your thoughts in the comments!

*Gifted by GANT / Opinions are my own.


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