Instagram Round Up Early 2019

Instagram Round Up Early 2019

It’s been a while since my last Instagram round-up post; previously I was doing them monthly! For my latest blog update, I will be looking back at my IG feed as far back as January 2019! Continue reading to find out more.

So far this year my Instagram feed has been filled with all manner of different outfits, lifestyle content and accessories. One of the major talking points of 2019 so far is my collaboration with Gillette for their new SkinGuard Sensitive Razor, mainly as I had to go clean shaven for 3 months straight! You can see the highlights of the partnership with the accompanying images (including my before and after shave, shaving travel essentials and even a special guest appearance from my Dad in which he gives the razor a test drive!).

Other post throwbacks include a stay at the lovely City Of Bath Apex which I also featured in its very own Hotel Review, a tasty burger, footwear close-ups and a suited up post with boxing champs – Frazer Clarke and Delicious Orie. Outfit wise, you can see a wide variety of styles, from winter wrap-ups with my AllSaints Overcoat, Levi’s London looks and a smattering of summer vibes as the temperature rocketed during the last few weeks of March! You will also be able to see my venture from facial stubble to clean shaven and then onto the beginnings of a bigger and fuller beard as the year progressed. Scroll down for the chosen highlights of my recent UK Influencer Instagram feed.

What do you think of my Instagram round up post, please let me know in the comments!


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