5 Best Jeans Styles For Men

5 Best Jeans Styles For Men

Denim jeans have been a men’s wardrobe essential since their inception in the late 1800s. Since that historic moment, a variety of different styles, cuts, and colours have hit the market. In my latest fashion article, I will look at the top choices for guys this season.

I have been a huge denim lover since I was a kid (even rocking a pair of white denim!); as I got older, it moved onto Diesel and then further on to premium brands. You can regularly see my favourites in my outfit posts on my style blog and via Instagram.
If you want something easy to wear, denim jeans are the answer! In the following section, I will suggest the cuts essential for your wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans have been a favourite of mine ever since they hit the stores (many years ago now!). Before they launched, I often searched for jeans with an excellent slim fit, so when skinnies arrived, I was ecstatic!

However, even so, men’s skinny jeans are sometimes still ill-fitting, and you will need to do further research to find a great fit. There is an alternative option, though—guys in women’s jeans. For years, I have grabbed the latest pair of denim from the ladies section, as they undoubtedly fit better and are much more comfortable! Even celebrities such as Harry Styles and Russell Brand have famously worn women’s jeans.

As we are in a more modern era, even some retailers could take note of this current trend (in fact, it is estimated that a large portion of fashionable guys wear women’s jeans) and even process a large order of wholesale jeans with a feminine cut but are marketed for men in their stores.

Bootcut Jeans

For years, I lived in bootcut jeans, wearing a slim-fit cut with pointy boots that provided an amazing-looking silhouette. Even though skinny and straight cuts are currently the most popular, you should not dismiss the classic bootcut.
Many big brands still offer a wide variety of washes and designs, and bootcut denim is especially popular in the cowboy market (as it fits perfectly with high heels). For a fantastic ensemble, wear bootcut denim with boots, a matching belt, and a casual shirt for a timeless Western style.


The more extravagant big brother of the bootcut, flares were once hugely popular back in the 70s. That said, even now, they have their place in the fashion world (although mainly in the ladies section), but if you hunt around, you can find a suitable pair for men.
If you style them similarly to bootcut, you can create a fantastic outfit (just prepare for that larger hem width!). If you pair them with a cool pair of boots or sneakers and a bold T-shirt, you will be able to rock that denim with a vintage vibe!


Straight-leg jeans have long been the go-to denim for guys who are happy to wear denim for something simple and straightforward. However, trends are changing, and slightly looser leg wear is currently fashionable, especially when paired with a clean pair of trainers and a simple hoodie or T-shirt and jacket combo. These jeans have a huge versatility factor and can be worn to pretty much any occasion (barring those super formal events).


As I get older, the love of tight clothing is starting to lose appeal (don’t get me wrong—I still love skinny jeans!). Sometimes, you want something quick and easy to throw on that is comfortable all day long, and looser denim ticks those boxes. If worn super loose and baggy, it will bunch up and sit nicely on top of your flashy sports trainers (think Nike Air Force 1). They can be paired with a designer jacket and a tee or sweatshirt.

Thanks to the availability of different cuts, colours (washes), fits, and even brands, you can quickly fill your wardrobe with numerous pairs of denim. You can have a different style each day of the week to keep everything looking fresh. What are your favourite styles of denim jeans? I’d love to hear more about it in the comments section below.


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