5 Great T-Shirt Designs And Innovations

5 Great T-Shirt Designs And Innovations

Men’s T-shirts are essential pieces used for layering, as undergarments, or simply worn as the primary focus. In my latest article, I will check out 5 versions to keep your wardrobe on point.

In the next section, I will list various T-shirts you can seamlessly add to your everyday wardrobe essentials.


Harking back to 90s fashion, oversized t-shirts have made a comeback in recent years. Personally, they are a guilty pleasure style for me as they are a casual alternative to a standard fit t-shirt and much more comfy to wear! They can easily be paired with skinny jeans or shorts to make a striking silhouette ensemble.


If you are active throughout the day or during the summer, it is natural that you will get hot and perspire, which can often attract unfortunate odours. If you shop around, you can find anti-odour t-shirts that provide protection against unwanted smells and scents thanks to a mix of specially blended fabrics.


We’ve all been there, grabbing our favourite top, and you find it is covered in unsightly creases! Typically, you must grab your iron to smooth it out before you leave (but even a crisp shirt can gain wrinkles throughout normal daily wear). Fortunately, you can find anti-wrinkle t-shirts (Fioboc are leading the way with this fabric! – use code YAS20 for an extra discount too) that keep your tops smooth and sleek when hanging in your wardrobe or even during an active day out.


V-neck tees were very popular a few years ago and then fell out of favour – however, in recent seasons, they have picked up once more! They offer a great-looking design, showcasing your body shape (especially if you are keen on a fitness regime) in your fashionable outfits. They also allow you to show off any neck jewellery or chest tattoo (even more so if you opt for a low-V style).


Rather than wear plain and simple tops, upgrade your style by rocking a printed top or t-shirt that can showcase your personal style and passions. You could select a big brand option, your favourite band, or a cool pattern or design. The world is your oyster when it comes to printed clothing.

Are you a fan of t-shirts? If so, will you add any of these picks to your regular wardrobe selection? Which is your favourite out of the ones I listed in this article? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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