5 Ways To Mix Sportswear And Fashion

5 Ways To Mix Sportswear And Fashion

In recent years, fashion and sports have begun to entwine themselves together in ways never thought possible, with many stylish guys mixing the two entities together seamlessly. In my latest article, I look at 5 ways to create a stylish, sporty look that is fashionably on-trend.

Even though I am not into sports, I can see the appeal of its clothing range and the recent advent of athleisure apparel, and I own a wide array of clothing in this category – hoodies, joggers, running shoes, and more. As such, I have already created sporty looks in the past on more than a few occasions.

Mixing sports and fashion was once considered chalk and cheese, but as the wall of high-end opinions of sportswear came down, views started to shift, and now many catwalk shows feature a number of these casual looks.

Whether you want to tone down an otherwise formal look, such as a three-piece suit with a pair of trainers, or throw your favourite team jersey over a pair of jeans, there are almost unlimited ways to create a sporty fashion ensemble.


Footwear is one of the main gateways to create a sporty look in an outfit, especially with seemingly limitless options available. You can check out the giants in the field – Nike, Adidas, and Reebok – who offer so many choices with many ticking off those style boxes! Aim for something a little more low-key (rather than the OTT vibrant colours, unless you really want to fabricate a stand-out look!), which can be paired with a formal shirt and tie affair or even jeans and a knitted jumper or cardigan.

Sports Jerseys

One striking look you can achieve is by rocking your favourite team’s personal jersey, especially with some of the often cool-looking designs – those bold colours, patterns, and text can be the talking point of your get-up. You can complement your outfit with a pair of black skinny jeans (showcasing a stark contrast against the typically oversized fit of the jersey) and understated low-profile sneakers (such as Common Projects). Throw on a pair of designer shades and some jewellery pieces, and you will be golden.
You could even opt for custom-made football uniforms in which you can fully design and customise to exact specifications – usually, you will have a base template to work from, and you can alter and change whatever you need from the pattern, colour, text, and measurements. You will certainly cause heads to turn rocking one of these with your fashionable street-style ensemble.


Once upon a time, tracksuits came with many negative connotations; however, they have managed to endure all the bad press and come out the other side with brand new respect. Many stylish guys (and gals) rock fashion tracksuits to great effect, and nearly all the big fashion houses have created an athleisure collection that has jumped off the shelves. These sporty outfits can easily be paired with a number of additions to ensure everything stays within a fashionable outlook – add additional designer pieces such as footwear, accessories, a hat, or a bag to keep it in vogue.


If your outfit is almost head to toe in sportswear, you can easily chic it up by adding a number of jewellery pieces, creating something eclectic yet eye-catching. Consider a number of rings, cuffs, or bracelets and a stylish necklace (nothing too bling), as your sports attire is already on the bold side. Finish off with a sports casual watch such as a Swiss Automatic (try to avoid a full sports watch or, worse, a formal timepiece).


Many guys use some form of a bag for day-to-day wear – traditionally, it was backpacks or a hold-all, but in recent years, the gates have flung wide open, and there is a huge amount of choice for our daily storage needs. From shoulder bags, slings, pouches, and more! You can easily create a unique vibe by pairing your sportswear outfit with a simple yet smart man bag. Backpacks can still work, as long as you shy away from a sports number and instead grab a sleek leather style or even something high-end such as an MCM (check out my review here).

With these tips on hand, you will be more than prepared when it comes to mixing casual sports attire and designer cool. Will you be looking to try your hand at this mix in the near future? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and even seeing your results.


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