An Interview With Plus 2 Clothing

An Interview With Plus 2 Clothing

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, yet the majority of clothing brands would have you think otherwise. Most are designed with a certain body type in mind, yet very few actually fit into this very narrow criteria. Many brands are even guilty of featuring clothing lines on their websites worn ill fitted on their chosen models. Tall guys with slim frames are one particular group who struggle to find clothes that fit how they desire.  Plus 2 Clothing specialises in filling the void for taller men.

Hailing from Australia, they boast a large selection of products, including t-shirts, hoodies and a smattering of accessories, with many more in the pipe line! I’ve managed to secure an interview on my men’s fashion blog with one of the founders, to find out more about their unique brand. Take a look below!

1 – So, could you tell me about your brand?

Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian menswear brand that specialise in clothing for taller guys, as well as those that like their tops longer in length – this is particularly handy when you’re looking to layer t-shirts. We have a focus on providing high quality cotton garments at affordable prices because we found most specialised brands or stores were charging a premium for their product that wasn’t necessarily good quality.

2 – What inspired you to create clothing for taller people?

Since I am tall myself (6ft6) and my business partner Josh is also tall, we were fed up with not having many options when it came to clothing that would fit us. We could get the correct length with 2XL in t-shirts but then they were too wide and boxy. This is when we got to thinking we would try designing clothing that would be a better fit for taller/slim builds.

3 – Where do you get the inspirations for your designs?

We consider ourselves a streetwear/casual label so often our designs are inspired by the streets. Hip-hop/music, street-art and urban culture in general are definitely our biggest influences.

4 – Do you have a particular design which is your favourite?

Personally my favourite design was a collaboration print I designed for American DJ Grandtheft when he was touring Australia. They sold out at all the gigs which was also very rewarding that everyone else was loving them too.

5 – Do you plan on expanding your range of products in the future?

Yes absolutely. We would love to be a one-stop-shop for tall guys so this has us currently looking to expand our range to pants, button-down shirts and more cuts of t-shirts to give people a greater variety.

6 – What exciting products do you have coming out next season?

Right now we are pretty excited for our new range of printed t-shirts featuring artworks from some Australian artists. We’re also bringing out a new range of hoodies in some colours and designs that we’re pretty excited for.

7 – I’ve always wanted to go to Australia! Is there anywhere you would recommend to go for a first visit?

You should, it’s a great place to visit. Really depends what you’re looking for though. Melbourne is my favourite for culture, street-art, food and night-life. I think the east coast in general has a lot to offer, especially if you rent a van and road-trip it all. If surfing is your thing though you will probably love the west coast.

8 – Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah sure why not. Let’s give all your readers a special promotion where they can get a $10 discount when they order with us. They can simply type in the code “youraverageguy” when checking out for the discount.

Looking forward to showing you our new range in the coming months 🙂


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