5 Ultimate Men’s Summer Beach Vacation Essentials

Top 5 Mens Summer Essentials For The Beach

Summer is just around the corner, be ready to banish those winter blues in favour of the joy only the blazing sunshine can bring. Personally I cannot wait to be able to roll out my favourite vintage Levi’s denim shorts again! Before you go rushing to book your summer vacation, you need to make sure you have all your requisite summer essentials at hand to guarantee your holiday will be memorable for all the right reasons! Allow me to list my top 5 crucial items no sun worshipper can do without!


First on the summer hit list is of course swim wear! In order to really strike a pose around the swimming pool or whilst parading across those golden sands, you really need to look the part with the latest beach attire! For fashionable men’s swimwear, you can shop online at Brancacci, who are based in beautiful Italy, home to some of the greatest fashion designers in the world! It’s only natural a home grown store has access to some of the best summer swimwear available now. Featuring top brands such as Moschino, DSquared and Ralph Lauren. I also looked at Zeybra swimwear online and was suitably impressed with their striking designs! You’ll never fail to look the part wearing one of their key items available online and shipped direct from Italy.


Next up, footwear. In these approaching hot temperatures it is imperative to have the correct shoes handy, a combination of functionality and style is paramount here, my particular favourite is the classic espadrille. One brand stands head and shoulders above the competition in my opinion, namely Saint Laurent. The last few seasons they have excelled against the competition with their stunning summer footwear. Choose from the simple yet effective bold colours or alternatively opt for the fashion forward designs featuring summery patterns and prints. You will surely cause fellow beach dwellers to be green with envy.


One cannot possibly enter the sunny season without the ultimate of summer accessories, the obligatory sunglasses or shades if you’re feeling 90’s retro. The top player is naturally Ray-Ban, season after season they are continually re-inventing their collection line up with new and innovate frame designs and a plethora of colourful lens types. You can also feel content knowing they are protecting your vision from those beautiful sunbeams.

Beach Towel

The humble beach towel is another mandatory item, it is easy to forget in the all the excitement to hit the beach! But remember the uncomfortable feeling of sitting down for extended periods of time, a combination of the burning hot sand along with its dedication to explore all the wrongs places causing discomfort all round! Whilst ordering your desired swim wear, take the opportunity to browse the large selection of beach towels on Brancacci to safeguard you during your visit to the coast.

Sun Cream

Finally, we have arguably the most indispensable summer essential left – suncream. It is foolish to even consider stepping out into the direct sunlight without some kind of skin care protection. There is a vast amount of information readily available to make sure you are fully shielded from the dangers of the sun. Remember to fully research which particular cream type is most suitable for your body type.

Hopefully my list of summer essentials for 2017 on my mens fashion blog will assist you on your upcoming summer holiday! Please let me know in the comments what you think!



  1. anonimatovato
    April 4, 2017 / 12:48 am

    I loved the way those shoes look! I’m a huge fan of (what looks to be) Canvas slip ons flats. They can actually be worn all year long, not just for summer time, but they are a very good option for that time of the year!

    As for shorts, i’m currently wearing sweat pant styled shorts, I normally don;t wear shorts, but having them in that style convinced me.

    • Adam
      April 12, 2017 / 10:47 pm

      I personally love summer style slip on shoes! Like you say I quite often wear them all year round! Same with shorts too!

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