Arxiome Tetris Attack Titanium Gaming Necklace Review

Arxiome Tetris Attack Titanium Gaming Necklace Review

I love everything to do with men’s jewellery and own quite possibly too many pieces in my collection (can you have too many?). So when Arxiome gave me the opportunity to have a necklace created for me based on one of my favourite retro video games, I was more than excited! In the following article, I will look at the completed piece and give my final thoughts in an in-depth review.

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Arxiome was founded in 2017 (although owner Mehdi Nebbaki had already begun experimenting with different designs in the preceding years). The brand idea is to craft jewellery items that are tough and strong, withstanding life’s adventures so that they will last a lifetime (and longer). Mehdi uses a variety of heavy-duty metals, including titanium and tantalum, along with a select few jewels. One of the main concepts behind the brand is taking inspiration from legendary games (many of which are J-RPGs), including Final Fantasy and Nier.

The whole range is handmade at their atelier near Lyon in France, using an electro-discharging technique (usually associated with watchmaking). For the rope work, Mehdi ties them himself using what is known as splicing (considered the strongest of all knot types). Each design is crafted from one solid block of metal, so there are no welds or seams on the finished product.

When I was approached to come up with my own design and knowing that Arxiome bases many of his creations around gaming, my mind instantly was doing cartwheels! I’m a huge gamer myself, and the choices were almost endless! In the end, I decided on a piece inspired by the classic SNES game – Tetris Attack (Panel De Pon in Japan), a puzzle-style game featuring Yoshi characters (replacing the anime-style princess characters from the Japanese release). Out of all the video games I played when I was younger, Tetris Attack is still something I can come back to time and again (particularly the 2-minute score attack mode!). I was a heavy collector of all things retro (particularly Super Famicom games), and I still have the brand new unopened Panel De Pon (which you can see in some of the photos! Along with the UK SNES cartridge of Tetris Attack).

After the backstory of the Arxiome brand and my love of retro gaming, it is time to move on to the review and take a closer look at the Tetris Attack necklace.

Design & Style

After discussing the design with Mehdi, I was more than curious about what he would come up with based on the Tetris Attack game and now, seeing the final piece in real life, I am genuinely stunned! The design has taken all of the elements from Tetris Attack (namely, the different shapes used within the game) and pieced them together in a layout that fans (like me) of the game will appreciate. All five in-game blocks have been represented with each unique shape (star, circle, diamond, triangle and heart) cut in a pixel style which illustrates the 16-bit nature of the game. The pendant is attached using a sturdy rope and, once worn, will sit around the chest area (although you can request a different length and rope style as desired).

Thanks to the light grey metal titanium, the necklace can be paired with almost any outfit and colour you choose to wear. Smart/casual or casual is ideal, especially with a simple T-shirt or knitted jumper, to ensure the necklace really stands out (after all, something as cool as this, you want onlookers to notice!).


The necklace is made using hand-polished grade 5 titanium, hard-wearing, durable, and can withstand corrosion from the elements. The shape is cut using the highest quality tools, and the metal is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for sensitive skin. As the final piece can be personalised, you can select a variety of different rope types and metals (including silver, gold and platinum!).


The necklace comes within its own dedicated box, solid black, with the Arxiome brand printed onto the top. Your new jewellery item is secured safely inside and placed onto soft fabric, perfect for storing when not in use.

*Partnership with Arxiome / Opinions are my own.

Value For Money

There is no question that the Arxiome range is premium, so the price reflects this (although a number of items start in the lower region). You pay for quality, and this collection delivers in spades combined with the uniqueness of the designs. In stark contrast, the majority of jewellery brands are factory-line-created carbon copies of each other. In short, consider this collection an investment, especially when you consider the fantastic products available.


The Tetris Attack necklace is beautiful and conveys the fantastic SNES game perfectly! I have been wearing this piece since it arrived, and I can’t wait to add more Arxiome items to my jewellery collection soon. The design and style are impeccable, the construction is of the highest quality, and the price point is totally justified. With so many cool and unique pieces available, and if you are a fan of gaming, then you owe it to yourself to grab one of these jewellery delights!

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