Crossfly Ikon Trunks Review

Crossfly Ikon Trunks Review

Comfortable underwear is essential for men with an active lifestyle, yet it is often overlooked in favour of stylish designs – imagine you could combine both? In my latest blog review, I check out the Crossfly Ikon Trunks, which aim to achieve just that, continue reading to find out more.

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Crossfly has been in the underwear market for a few years now, cutting its teeth with a variety of cool designs. Now, the brand offers an upgraded collection with many fantastic technological upgrades. For my review, I will check out their flagship Ikon 3” Trunks.

Style & Design

The Crossfly Ikon Trunks offer a striking design, very modern and tasteful, with a solid-coloured body (unless you opt for one of the many patterned models) with a bold waistband featuring the brand name in a contrasting colour. The design includes a 3-inch inseam for a modern aesthetic, which sits a little lower on the hips.

The trunks include several amazing features –

  • X-Fly – providing quick and easy access when needed.
  • ZeroFold360 – the 4-way works as you move, ensuring everything is held in place comfortably.
  • Coccoon – for an amazing level of comfort and support, eliminating skin-on-skin friction.
  • Dri-PX2 – Combat moisture and drips thanks to the ‘no show’ dual-layer construction.

The brand offers the trunks in a variety of different (and fashionable) colourways, including – Green, Charcoal, white, hemp pattern, and many more.


The production values of the Crossfly underwear are second to none, providing superior quality with a very soft Modal fabric (and 5% elastane). The construction is fantastic, with no visible flaws (not even a loose thread to be seen).


The brand offers a full range of sizing options, and I selected a size S (following the recommendation to size down from an M), which was a great choice – excellent fit, snug without being too tight, and ideal for all-day wear.

Value For Money

I’ve always been an advocate of spending money to ensure you get a quality product; fortunately, Crossfly offers their range at a very reasonable price point of £19.99 each – which is very competitive compared to even designer underwear options on the market. When you consider the quality on offer, the cost is more than justified.


If you want to upgrade your underwear collection, check out the latest range from Crossfly, which offers a fabulously designed selection of stylish, impeccably crafted, and wonderfully comfortable trunks! All wrapped up in a sleek package at a very competitive price point.

What do you think of this latest range of underwear pieces? Will you be adding some to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below.

Check Out The Full Crossfly Collection Here


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