Custom Jackets – The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Stylish Outerwear

Custom Jackets – The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Stylish Outerwear

We are finally into Winter, and between commuting, visiting friends and family and holiday shopping, you are undoubtedly spending a lot of time outside with the elements. It is essential to wrap up and keep warm with a stylish new jacket.

As your purse strings will be tight at this time of year (especially with the cost of heating on the rise!), you may need to cut back on purchasing expensive clothes; however, you can design your own custom-printed jacket for a fraction of the cost of a designer piece.

How It Works

The process is largely straightforward – upload an image or design to the online site, select the style and size, and you are ready to go. If you are not artistic, then even a name, word or message will suffice to create a cool new look using the on-demand printing text tools on-site.

Once completed, the jacket will be shipped to your door, and you will be ready to wow those onlookers as you strut down those snow-filled streets during the Christmas season.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have always been popular, but they have seen a sharp incline this year! Many high street stores currently stock a huge range of different colours, printed styles and modified designs. Typically a bomber jacket is fitted, with elastic around the sleeves and waist for a close fit. Thanks to the casual style of a bomber jacket, they can often be unisex (I myself have worn a ladies’ Topshop Bomber Jacket).

Bomber jackets can be easily customised, and online printers can add a design to the back of the coat within minutes using high-end techniques. There is a vast range of options you can use for your custom design, the most popular being images from movies, but also tattoo-style imagery works well, such as snakes, dragons and skulls.

Denim Jackets

Despite the winter weather, many men will still opt to rock a denim jacket (or perhaps you are lucky enough to live in a milder climate!). Denim and customisation have worked hand in hand for years – embroidery looks fantastic on denim, but prints can work well too. Denim has that unique fabric that can look even better after regular wear, gaining individuality with distressing and natural wear and tear, which can add to the uniqueness when paired with that custom printed design.

Varsity Jacket

Varsity Jackets (or Letterman Jackets) have been on the rise in recent years (no longer restricted to American high-school teens), and many online retailers and fashion designers are throwing their take into the ring.

This type of outerwear is ideal for a custom look, allowing the owner to add their own design on both the back and the chest area. History dictates that using a simple letter works well (especially if you want to support a sports team), but you can add designs and images that also look great.

Recycled Jackets

Using a pre-owned or recycled jacket ensures you look great but are also doing your bit for the environment. Some environmentally conscious websites will offer used jackets that you can refurbish online for a relatively small fee compared to a brand-new coat. A second-hand jacket is also ideal if you want to customise something yourself, yet you do not want to risk damaging a brand-new piece so that you can practice with much less risk. Feel free to add your own embroidery, prints and patterns, but also studs and pins (especially on leather or faux jackets).

There is no question that the main purpose of a jacket during this time of year is to keep yourself warm; however, express yourself during the process, and a custom jacket will give you much more free reign to achieve this goal and allow you to show your personal style to the world.


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