How To Transform Your Appearance

How To Transform Your Appearance

If you are reading this article, you are likely to take pride in your looks, yet sometimes you may feel it is necessary for an overhaul. In my latest article, I will delve into how to transform your appearance in a few key steps. Continue reading to find out more.

This change can be a huge, thrilling, and introspective step, whether it involves a few subtle changes or a total overhaul. Initially, you will need to plan effectively and move through different changes slowly (rather than a massive jump in one go, which can be quite a shock to both yourself and others). 

You will step out of your comfort zone during this process, allowing your inner style to shine through. The end result will be a rewarding experience that will also give you an added boost of confidence that you can show off to the world.

Evaluating Your Current Look

First, you must take a long, hard look at yourself and assess what you want to change. This is a crucial process that allows you to lay the groundwork for the task ahead.

Examine Yourself With A Mirror

Stand in front of a full-length mirror, be critical of your appearance and make a note of what you want to change.

  • Hairstyle – does it reflect your personality traits
  • Wardrobe – do they flatter your body shape
  • Colours – do they complement your skin tone and express your mood
  • Accessories – are they on trend and align with your style

Figuring Out Your Style Type

Once you have assessed your image, you can focus on what you want to alter or upgrade.

Define your desired image – Example: Professional and sophisticated

Identify key elements – Example: Tailored three-piece suit and classic formal watch

Specify necessary changes

  1. Hair – long and unkempt to cropped and smarter
  2. Clothes – upgrade from casual to business casual or formal
  3. Colours – swap mismatched bold colours for neutral tones
  4. Accessories – upgrade garish designs with modern and subtle items

This initial roadmap will help guide you during the transformation, allowing you to keep track easily.

Plan Your Style Change Journey

It is vital to plan during this process to stay focused and gain much-needed clarity. Once you have your strategy, you can keep everything running smoothly and on track.

Create A Style Vision Board

A great way to start your style upgrade is by collecting images and samples from online fashion sites, social media pages (such as fashion bloggers whose style corresponds to your own), or even real-life magazines. Once you have a bulk of content, you can combine it to create a vision board. Additionally, you can use Pinterest, which is a virtual pinboard filled to the brim with inspiration that you can then add to your own boards.

Defining Your Signature Style

Everyone has a style that resonates with them, and this is what others see when they first meet you. It is basically your own personal brand and a key element in this re-design process. Mark a note of what attributes work best for you in clothing choices, ones that you feel comfortable wearing and boost your confidence.

  • Colours – pastel, bold, dark, earth
  • Fabrics – cotton, silk, denim, leather
  • Patterns – stripes, geometric, floral
  • Fit – tailored, regular, loose, layered

Set Your Budget For Your Style Upgrade

Finally, on the list, you need to create a realistic budget that you can stick to easily. Make a plan so that you make smart purchases and avoid overspending. List the important categories, including clothing, footwear, and accessories, and allocate an amount for each type.

Keep an eye on end-of-season sales and discount codes so you can make important savings and get the most out of your budget. Remember that you may need to factor in alteration costs, too, to ensure a great fit for your frame.

Implementing New Pieces

If you are into fashion, looking for new clothes and accessories can be fun and exciting! However, this new journey should be based on a clean slate – moving us onto the next step.

Removing Outdated Items

Now, it’s time to go through your existing wardrobe, separating your items into two categories: ‘keep’ and ‘let go’.

  • Keep – timeless styles that style resonate with your new look and will look great in years to come.
  • Let Go – clothes that no longer fit or are outdated need to be removed from your rotation. Sell them online using eBay or Vinted (to bring some money back in). Alternatively, bag them up and give them to a local charity shop.

Adding New Clothes To Your Collection

Once your wardrobe has been purged, it is time to add new fashionable pieces.

  • Quality staples – opt for a fitted blazer, tailored shirts, chunky knits and clean white low-profile sneakers or high-tops.
  • Seasonal trends – research and discover what colours, patterns and styles are currently en vogue.

These new additions can be paired with your existing items, allowing you to create striking, well-balanced outfits for your new style.


Selecting the right accessory can elevate your ensemble effectively from a simple, plain outfit to something eye-catching.

  • Statement pieces – stainless steel watch with a plain coloured face, vibrant scarf or a number of jewellery pieces (rings, cuff or necklace).
  • Functional accessories – sleek belt, leather wallet or a stylish hold-all or backpack.

Always remember to stick to the mantra that your accessories should complement your outfit, not stand out too much, overpower it, and become the focal point.

Maintaining Your New Look

Once you have successfully levelled up your appearance, the job is not finished. You need to ensure that you retain this fresh new look with care and consideration and even subtle tweaks to keep it modern and chic.

Create A Style Routine

Incorporating a regular style routine into your daily activities can help preserve your new look. One aspect we haven’t touched on is hair care, which can potentially make or break your overall appearance. Focus on cleaning and conditioning to keep your barnet looking silky. If you are suffering from thinning hair, you can add products like HLS Hair Fibre into your regime to help combat the adverse effects of male pattern baldness. Alternatively, you can look at hair transplants or even hair systems, which can bring your confidence back.

Skin care is also important, so set aside some time to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise to keep your face looking clean and refreshed (if you are heading out to the beach, always apply suncream, too!).

For your wardrobe, make it a habit to choose your clothes and outfits the night before to save yourself a headache and avoid any unfortunate rushed clothing choices and fashion faux pas! Make a point to keep your wardrobe organised so your quality items are ready to wear in a pinch. Keep your new clothes looking their best by washing, ironing (or steaming), and folding them neatly (or using a hanger for bulkier items).

Evolving Your Style

Now that you have changed your appearance, keeping yourself informed of the latest trends is key. Evolve your wardrobe with little upgrades and changes to keep even your basic pieces looking modern and fashionable. Check the latest men’s style magazines, keep an eye on celebrities in the know or even follow fashion influencers or bloggers.

Watch out for any thinning hair or skin outbreaks; proactive awareness is vital to keeping yourself looking your best.

In Summary

This style upgrade journey may seem like a complex and arduous task, but with a little time and effort, you can give yourself a whole new look that will make everyone stand up and notice. Use this guide as a checklist on your voyage; you will soon be well on your way to creating that new you.

What do you think about my latest article? Let me know in the comments below, and check back for new content and regular updates.


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