Double Two Cadet Striped Shirt Review

Double Two Cadet Striped Shirt Review

Striped shirts for men are undeniably timeless and offer that next-level touch to formal wear, ensuring you rock that upcoming business meeting! In my latest blog post review, I take a look at a new release from Double Two.

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Double Two has been in the trade for decades, setting up shop during the height of World War 2 in 1940. Originating in Wakefield (under the moniker of “The Wakefield Shirt Company”) and founded by Isaak Donner and Frank Myers. Even though materials were in short supply, they still managed to flourish as a company by creating women’s blouses for female factory workers (while the men were at war).

Shortly after the war in 1946, the company’s dedication paid off. They were able to take over the entire building and turn it into a huge shirt-making facility. Over the years, Double Two set to change the industry with numerous revolutionary advancements. Undoubtedly, their most famous was the addition of a tab allowing you to remove the entire collar; in fact, each shirt came with a spare replacement collar, named “Double Two Shirts”. Subsequently, thanks to its popularity, the company changed its name, and the Double Two brand was born.

The company has always been at the forefront of style and scientific advancements in the industry, keeping everything fresh. As of now, Double Two sells over 3 million shirts each year to over 40 countries around the world and continues to grow – adding even more items to their collection, including polo shirts, Knitwear, jackets, accessories and more.

With this in mind, let us move on to my review of one of their iconic pieces – the navy striped cadet shirt.

Style & Design

Stripe shirts for men have been around forever, and it is not hard to see why. They are bold and ensure the wearer takes centre stage, ideal for people in business and bankers.

The navy cadet shirt from Double Two undoubtedly hits the ground running when it comes to design. Clean white with contrast navy stripes (that are a classic medium width). The collar has pointed tips, but not overly dramatic, again classic albeit effective, and the reverse of the shirt features a darted back. The buttons are white, not to distract from the shirt design (which many brands fall foul to) and also appear on the single cuffs.

In summary, a fantastic shirt that can be worn by itself (with or without a tie, as seen in the accompanying photos) or with a blazer or jacket to spice it up further.


When shopping for a shirt, I always prefer to opt for neck sizes to determine my choice, especially with formal shirts (the standard letter sizing always works better for casual ranges).

I pretty much always choose a smaller size; in this case, I went with the 14.5 neck to get a tighter fit. The Cadet shirt is a slim fit (although it comes in regular too) but fear not; it won’t feel constricting in any way when worn. So, in conclusion, when choosing a formal shirt from Double Two, go for your standard size, and you should be good to go. (Side note – the brand caters for almost any size, offering big and tall options up to a neck size of 18” in slim fit and 23″ in regular fit).


The Cadet shirt arrived packaged as you would anticipate from a formalwear retailer, folded within see-thru packaging. As to be expected, the shirt needed an iron before wear; however, it was most surprising that the fold lines came out really easily, smooth after only a few passes with the iron (typically, I find that only a wash will remove those unsightly lines), so I was already very impressed! The fabric is 100% cotton but is also very soft to the touch; you would be more than comfortable wearing this on a daily basis.

Value for money

The price point of Double Two shirts is more than reasonable, with the Cadet Navy Stripe hitting your wallet at a sensible £35. Counting the quality on offer and the boost of the brand’s heritage, it is definitely fantastic value for money! Additionally, there are always multi-buy deals on their site – check them out!


This shirt from Double Two is my first experience with the brand, and I am more than impressed! The combination of the timeless design and quality on offer paired with an excellent price point – what more can you ask for when looking for a new shirt for your wardrobe. Top marks from me!

What are your thoughts on this striped style from the U.K. based fashion brand? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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*Partnership with DoubleTwo / Opinions are my own.


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