Fashion Hacks to Look Expensive When You are on a Budget

Fashion Hacks to Look Expensive When You are on a Budget

Luxury fashion pieces are undoubtedly the holy grail for creating stylish outfits, yet they are typically out of reach, thanks to a high price point. In my latest blog post, I will offer insights into how to look a million dollars without going broke. Carry on reading to find out more.

Thanks to the widespread nature of marketing, we are always inundated with almost endless images and videos of premium clothes and accessories. Fortunately, there are ways to create expensive-looking outfits on a budget, which I will list in the following points.

Investing In Quality

One of the key ways to ensure your whole ensemble looks expensive is by focusing your budget on timeless quality pieces. Shoes and leather goods are undoubtedly small components, yet they have the power to add a touch of elegance to your whole outfit. Make sure to choose versatile colours – black, brown, or tan- so you can easily integrate them with multiple outfits. The cost of premium footwear and men’s bags (such as luggage or wallets) may be a high initial outlay, yet if you consider that they are investments that will stand the test of time thanks to iconic design, they will see you through many years to come (make sure to look after them with proper care to extend this even further).

The Longevity Of Timeless Pieces

Trends may come and go, but timeless pieces can endure almost anything in the fashion world – tailored blazers, classic trench coats, or leather bomber jackets will never go out of style. Wardrobe staples rise above fleeting fashion and are worthy additions to your wardrobe (saving you money in the long run). Always select items that are well-crafted with a high level of quality, using clean lines and classic cuts that offer a flattering look to all body types, elevating your style to greater heights in the process.

Quality Over Quantity

Fast fashion is currently dominating the world thanks to a never-ending supply of cheap yet trendy items, which, as a rule, will often be throwaway items. Instead of falling into this popular pitfall, amassing a vast array of low-quality clothes, opt for a smaller batch of items lovingly made using beautiful silk, wool, and cashmere fabrics. Materials in this category are much more luxurious to touch and will last many years if treated with respect and care.

Style Tricks To Elevate Your Wardrobe

Once your wardrobe has a quality foundation, you need to style your garments correctly using these styling tricks.

  • Layering : Learn to experiment with layers, such as a tailored blazer with a lightweight silk scarf or a chunky knitted sweater worn over a button-up shirt for a dapper look.
  • Correct Fit : Avoid ill-fitting clothes, which give off a poor appearance. Make it a priority to get a perfect fit by tailoring your clothes to your body shape or using brands that offer inclusive sizing, enhancing your silhouette, and presenting a sophisticated style boost.
  • Accessorise to complete your look : Accessories can complete any outfit with a simple statement piece like a sleek belt, bold necklace, a Swiss watch, or a number of rings.

Invest In Quality Basics

Create a stylish wardrobe using key capsule pieces that provide a solid foundation. Aim to invest in versatile pieces, including a clean white shirt, suit jacket, and slim/skinny trousers. Essentials like this will integrate seamlessly with your existing clothing range yet allow you new outfit possibilities. Quality basics are vital to act as a canvas on which bold designs will sit. For example, that white button-up transitions easily from a casual classic with jeans to a great formal look when paired with flat-front trousers.

Neutral Colour Palette

Colours with a neutral tone are timeless style choices – black, white, tan, navy, and grey radiate elegance. Versatile colours enable effortless mixing and matching and are essential when building your budget-friendly wardrobe. You can create a monochromatic ensemble using a blend of tan or grey shades for an ultimate luxurious vibe, ensuring a cohesive, expensive-looking collection.

Choosing The Right Fabrics

Your choice of fabrics can play a pivotal role when you put an outfit together. Select high-end fabrics with fantastic textures that drape beautifully across the body – silk, satin, velvet, and cashmere. To grab clothes crafted using these materials, keep an eye on sales or even discount racks to keep your spending in check (yet allow you to maintain a top-quality wardrobe). Even a single item can raise the game of any budget outfit – like a cashmere-blend sweater or silk shirt.

Style Enhancements

Once you have the basics in place, you must add finesse to your outfits with one of the most important factors to dress based on your body type.

  1. Play with proportions – experiment with different outfit proportions, like an oversized top with skinny legwear or even vice versa for a catwalk tone.
  2. Mix high and low – you can create a desirable, fashionable juxtaposition by combining high-end pieces with affordable options. A designer holdall paired with a budget-friendly tracksuit can work wonders.
  3. Pay attention to details – keep your shoes clean, clothes pressed and ironed, and your hair neatly styled to level up your look significantly to something much more expensive than it is; attention to detail is a vital finishing touch.

Make A Statement With Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic T-shirts are undeniably casual yet can transform an outfit into a cool head-turner. Layering a cool printed tee under a leather jacket, fancy blazer, or tailored coat for superb sophistication.
Tees with a subtle tone can work well with a contrasting vibrant chest print, or opt for a bold base colour with simple text emblazoned across the chest.

Create Unique Combinations

Mix and match different pieces using your inner creativity

  • Formal and edgy – mix a classic shirt and tie number with a leather biker jacket and high-heeled Cuban boots for a great blend of formal styling with touches of rockstar edginess, using a heavy dose of experimentation.
    Screen printing for a customised expression – The screen printing process allows you to design amazing and unique clothing creations that allow you never-ending self-expression in fashion. You can add touches of different patterns and motifs that showcase your individuality and boost any outfit in your wardrobe.

Elevating Your Outfit With Accessories

As touched on earlier, accessories can make or break an outfit, yet when chosen correctly can turn an ordinary outfit into something truly sensational.

  • Statement watches – invest in a Swiss automatic watch, the ultimate talking point for any ensemble. Sports designs are ideal as they can be worn to casual or formal events, and despite the high cost, they will last for generations (ideal to pass down through your family line).
  • Sunglasses – Designer sunglasses add an easy level of sophistication. Select classic designs, and always choose models that complement your face shape.
    Hats – hats can be practical yet stylish; guys can grab a casual baseball cap, formal fedora, or even a Peaky Blinders inspired flat cap.


In summary, these fashion hacks can allow you to achieve an expensive and sophisticated look on a tight budget. It’s not always about the price tag, so instead, focus on how to style your outfits with creativity and strategic shopping, and you will soon have a wardrobe that looks expensive and hasn’t broken the bank.


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