Getting Your Outfit On Point For Flying

Getting Your Outfit On Point For Flying

You are all packed and ready to begin your holiday, your money, passport and essentials are safely secured in your luggage, but you have forgotten something! What you are going to wear to the airport?

Your choice of outfit can make a huge difference to how you feel before, during and even after your flight. If you are not sure how to achieve a stylish-but-comfy look, then take a look at this Spring-Summer 18 inspired fashion guide, which will ensure you dress correctly at check-in.

Business Getaways

When you are jetting around the world for a business meeting or even a conference, your choice of outfit is critical on these trips. Take inspiration from your traditional workday wardrobe, but add some tweaks to the ensemble to make it airport-appropriate. Stay away from anything restrictive or too tight (especially on long haul flights!), avoid too many accessories which may cause headaches at the security point.

For this autumn season, check style men’s shirts, trousers and jackets are our go-to trend. With a choice of either a small grid check or large windowpane check, square pattern blazers combined with plain long sleeved shirts delivers an excellent upper body fashionable style for those business-focused flights. Add a pair of stretch jeans (regulars will know I am a big fan of Women’s Skinny Jeans For Men) to help tone down the formal aspect, whilst offering you a touch of comfort on the journey. Complete the look with a pair of classic tan brogues.

City Holidays

For these flights, you want to travel ready to explore as soon as you offload your bags at the hotel. Opting for something urban and on trend.

Aim for something very laid back – cotton, buttoned-up shirts paired with a pair of your favourite skinny jeans and brogues. Tonal dressing is a big hit in men’s fashion at the moment, choose a colour which you know looks good on you and acquire a selection of tops, jeans and shoes in different shades of that same hue. Depending on your destination, you may need a jacket if landing somewhere with a cooler climate, like one of the many cities in Northern Europe. Choose something flexible and light, such as a patterned windbreaker (retro 90’s clothing is very popular right now!).

Long-haul Holidays

With so much time spent at the airport and even longer on the flight, it is essential your outfit contains essential elements of comfort. Dress to look good whilst feeling at ease in your choices. Plain simple tees in a shade which complements the coloured band on your side-stripe joggers (bonus points for the slim fit variety like in my Skinny Joggers and Balenciaga Race Runners Outfit) which are a big trend in men’s fashion right now. Pair with sleek neutral tone sneakers which are easy to slip on and off for the security check. For outerwear, throw over a lightweight bomber jacket or classic denim jacket, something which is easy to roll up and slip under your seat during the flight.

Beach Holidays

For beach holidays, no matter if it’s with your partner or your friends, a seaside ready outfit is essential to get you in the mood.

Casual graphic print T-Shirts or exotic printed shirts paired with plain, neutral coloured shorts will give you an ideal look for your holiday destination. If you don’t like the idea of wearing shorts at the airport bar, instead try light-coloured chinos with a vertical-stripe shirt (a current staple that has been everywhere during this year’s summer!) Boat shoes are ideal holiday footwear, but my personal favourites are slip-on canvas sneakers for the ultimate laid-back effect!

Short-haul Holiday

Brief flights mean one thing, as soon you land you will be ready and raring to go! Don’t waste time getting changed, so wear an outfit that you will feel fine in to head straight out. Style will be your priority, pull on a pair of turn up skinny jeans (check out my Pink T Shirt Summer Style Outfit as an example) which has been a massive trend during men’s fashion week. Combined with a contrasting polo shirt for a cool an on-point smart-casual look that is striking and fresh for autumn 2018. Complete the look with an understated designer timepiece such as my Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra. For footwear, I recommend a pair of suede loafers or plain white understated Italian sneakers.

Let’s round up these tips with these important dress code points!

• Choose functional, practical clothes – avoid restrictive tops and trousers.

• Leave belts at home or inside your luggage for an easier security check.

• Wear multiple layers to enable easier temperature control.

• Wear trousers or jeans with zip pockets to keep your passport and wallet safe and secure.

• Avoid laced shoes – more difficult to remove and put back on at security.

With these tips, I hope you will take off and land with style this autumn with these outfit tips! Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Photo Credit – @magic_fox, @sandro (Instagram)


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