Fendi Bag Bugs Eyes White Hoodie

Fendi Bag Bugs Eyes White Hoodie

With the cold weather just around the corner, I have begun to look for warmer clothing choices to bolster my winter wardrobe. For the autumn season, the classic sweatshirt is an ideal candidate when the temperature demands some extra padding, but not yet wrapped up with a coat and scarf. My love for them has grown substantially over the last year, particularly those which feature a unique print. The Fendi Monster Eyes White Hoodie has recently attracted my attention, read on to find out more!

I have always been a fan of the Italian brand’s yellow eye design, yet I have never splashed out on any of their pieces (Fendi are notoriously high priced!). But when I saw this sweatshirt, I fell in love instantly! Sleek in all white soft cotton, featuring those iconic eyes in an effective colourless and patterned design, giving an overall understated look.

Unfortunately, the price is still incredibly high! I think for the moment, it will still have to stay firmly in my wish list section (otherwise my bank manager might make one or two phone calls …).

What do you think of this latest release from Fendi? Is it something you would wear?


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