How To Promote Your Designer Brand

How To Promote Your Designer Brand

Each month, more and more designer brands launch their latest collections, marketing themselves as the next big thing. Yet, it can be difficult for these smaller companies to make an impact. My latest article discusses the best ways to promote your designer brand and get noticed in an oversaturated market.

There are a wide variety of different ways you can push your company, from traditional tried and tested methods to more exciting and unique ways to set yourself aside from the competition. Often, many brands are too ‘snobby‘, so you could take a different approach and instead remain sincere and add fun to your advertising techniques!

Send Out Gifts

One of the popular ways to promote your designer brand is by creating gifts and sending them out to celebrities or famous people in the fashion industry. If the item is of high quality, quirky and unique, there is a good chance they will share it across their networks (such as blogs, social media accounts or even on a TV show, film or chat show). This coverage will give a tremendous amount of coverage for your brand, creating a buzz thanks to the celeb push and, with a bit of luck, bringing in those all-important orders!

Spend some time trying to get hold of the contact details for top people in the industry. Message them saying you would like to send them a small gift and would love to hear their thoughts on your product. Make sure to package your item well, with all the bells and whistles you can muster (such as craft paper, ribbons, and a fancy box) to have a significant effect.


Another great idea is to collaborate; if done correctly, this can launch your brand into the stratosphere. You can contact brands that you feel will gel well with your consumers and fans. You can also contact influencers who can share your brand with their own followers, boosting your traffic, which in turn can increase your sales.


The classic method of promotion is undoubtedly advertising – set aside some money each month from your budget and fund a variety of advertising campaigns. Consider online ads via Google or Facebook (which can be tailored to specific demographics and audiences) to clickable banner ads on websites and fashion blogs. Alternatively, ‘real life’ adverts are still a massive part of marketing campaigns, including magazine ads, train station signs, or even huge billboards! (You can showcase your brand to thousands of potential customers daily if you have the budget).

Share Your Content On A Lifestyle Blog

You can approach owners of style blogs to share your new collections and clothing pieces with their readers, potentially bringing a whole new fan base to your website. A novel way is to design fun and creative infographics that can visually communicate details about your company to newcomers; this is an effective method as it differs from the norm.

Business Cards

Even though we are in the digital age, do not underestimate the benefits of business cards. If you attend a big event involving networking, the humble business card is a great way to share your contact details. Pass them around like-minded individuals (which can often be quicker than jotting down a number or email into your smartphone).

It is essential to include all of your details on the card—contact number, email, and website address. However, take advantage of the different materials many printers can offer, from fancy cards to plastics or even transparent materials (a cool idea for a card!) to allow your card to stand out (and thus your company) from the competition.

Competitions & Giveaways

Launch interesting and unique competitions with fun prizes that will make people want to enter. In the rules, state entrees need to share the giveaway with others so it gets forwarded to as many people as possible, extending the reach even further. The idea is that (even though there are prizes and costs involved), your brand and collection will be seen by many new people who may be tempted to make a purchase.


If you are looking to boost your designer brand and make it a winner, my tips in this article will set you in the right direction. Try a couple of ideas to start with, see if they work out and then try more as you see your orders fly in. There are always new ways to funnel traffic to your site, but these are great starting points on the road to success.

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