How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

How To Dress For A Summer Wedding

Summer is here, which can only mean one thing, it is wedding season! If you have received an invite to the big event, and have nothing to wear, do not fear – In my latest blog post article, I will offer tips on how to dress to impress for a wedding in the sun.

Check The Dress Code

Before you start shopping, double-check if there is a dress code (after all, you don’t want to turn up looking out of place to the bride’s chagrin!). It is common for the couple to choose a specific dress code for their big day. Perhaps it is a very formal dress in a fancy hotel (black tie attire) or a destination wedding on a sandy beach, suggesting a smart-casual style.

Some weddings may have a certain colour, which guests must abide by for an overall complimentary aesthetic (especially for their photos/videos). Check the invitation to find out about a dress, but if nothing is stated, play it safe with a formal ensemble.

Choose A Summer-appropriate Suit

The standard attire for a wedding is undoubtedly a suit, yet what type of suit can depend on various factors, such as the event’s formality and the temperature (especially as it is a summer wedding).

A suit constructed of lightweight fabric is the safest bet, allowing you to look good yet comfortable in the baking heat. Linen fabrics are a great choice, thanks to their highly breathable material, yet light cotton can work just as well. When it comes to colours, opt for light brown, beige, sky blue or even a pale grey for a fresh summer appearance.

Get The Correct Fit

Finding the best suit for the day is only half the job; it is crucial you get the correct fit too. Head to some shops that focus on formal menswear with your measurements at the ready so you can try on a few items off the peg.

There will also be a few different styles to choose from, too – regular, slim or even skinny (for that Italian look). If you still need some assistance, you could head to a suit expert like Moss to get measured by a professional so you can get a suit that looks like it was made to measure!

Look For Smart Accessories

Once you have your suit, you are almost ready to roll. But first, we must bring the whole outfit together with a few key pieces – accessories and shoes. Good quality footwear is imperative, and styles such as brogues, oxfords or loafers would work best (choose a belt in a matching shade for extra fashion brownie points). The final piece of the puzzle is the jewellery you want to wear, such as men’s diamond earrings, signet rings, necklaces, bracelets and a wristwatch (leather strap variety for a classic look or even a minimalistic Swiss sports watch).

Now you are well prepared to get yourself suited up for the couple’s big day. You will look the part, feeling comfortable and stylish (remember not to upstage the bride and groom!).

What are your thoughts on my latest fashion article? Will you use these tips for an upcoming summer wedding? Let me know in the comments section below.


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