Land’s End Winter Coat Review

Land’s End Winter Coat Review

The January chill is upon us, and it isn’t easy to stay warm, especially when venturing outside! It is crucial to wrap up with a heavy-duty coat, leading me to my latest blog post review of a Land’s End Winter Coat.

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The Land’s End brand was founded in 1963 and has offered a fantastic range of outerwear pieces, jumpers, tops and trousers ever since. Their clothing type is comfortable and functional but ticks all style boxes too! For my review, I will focus on a classic winter-style hooded coat – read on to find out more!

Style & Design

The coat is large by design to ensure maximum warmth, extending to the length (sitting just above the knees) and wide padded sleeves, conveying a bulky appearance yet still looking stylish. Land’s End has chosen a two-tone grey colouring which gels perfectly and is bolstered by a silver faux-fur hood. There is little to no branding except for a small logo on the left sleeve. In short, the coat looks great when worn but makes sure the wearer stays lovely and warm!


The coat is the perfect choice during the colder seasons or if you are participating in extreme activities such as mountaineering. Thanks to the large pockets sitting on the lower front of the coat, you will be able to carry larger accessories and still have plenty of space for your hands!


I selected my typical small size, which felt slightly oversized, but for a functional piece of outerwear, you don’t want to feel constricted throughout the day.

Value For Money

Land’s End offers a range of price points to suit any potential customer; however, many will be reasonable for your bank balance! The online store frequently holds huge sales, too, with massive discounts on their entire collection (which is worth keeping an eye on!).


After spending some time with this clothing article, I have discovered that their items offer exceptional value for money with a fantastic design and style! If you are looking for a new coat to see you through the cold winter season, check out the collection from Land’s End, you will not be disappointed!

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*Partnership with Land’s End / Opinions are my own.


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