Brand Feature – The Watch Stand

Brand Feature – The Watch Stand

Watch enthusiasts who have collected numerous timepieces will have one primary worry (if you dismiss the amount of money spent on such a collection!) – how to store their beloved chronographs. The Watch Stand answers this common problem with its selection of watch rolls and stands. Continue reading to find out more!

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The Watch Stand brand offers products you feel you may not need until you add an expensive Swiss watch (such as my Omega Aqua Terra) to your accessories collection. The cost of automatic watches is undeniably high (thanks to all of the expensive internal mechanical parts constantly on the move), but the quality and style justify the price point. However, once you own one of these delightful pieces of wrist jewellery (or more once you’ve got the itch!), you need somewhere to store them safely or even showcase them proudly.

The Watch Stand offers a large variety of different types, including stands (so you can display your prized possessions), trays, watch winders (to ensure they keep time when unworn), and rolls which I have featured here. The rolls are luxurious and stylish, combining high-quality suede and Saffiano leather for a beautiful-looking package. They open by unraveling the outer shell (held shut using stud closing) and revealing a section to securely keep your watches in place.

I have featured the Acajou style roll (beautiful beige and brown colouring) in the accompanying images, which are available here.

The Watch Stand Acajou Roll 2

What are your thoughts on this type of watch storage case? Let me know via comments or even an email.

*Partnership with The Watch Stand / Opinions are my own.


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