Matching Barbie And Ken Outfits With Gap X Barbie

Matching Barbie And Ken Outfits With Gap X Barbie

With the release of the much anticipated Barbie movie just around the corner, Eve and I decided to create a matching outfit ensemble using the latest Gap X Barbie collection in pink and white – continue reading to learn more about our outfits and this new range.

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Barbie is a huge worldwide phenomenon, coming a long way since the inception of the toys and figures way back in 1959 and since going from strength to strength. In the last few years, this love has seemingly skyrocketed, culminating in the release of the new movie starring Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling (with extra blonde hair) as Ken. Eve and I are planning to see the film as soon as possible, and despite what you would think, it looks like it will have some depth (I’m getting Truman Show vibes from the few clips I have seen) and could very well steal the Hollywood limelight this year!

We teamed up with Gap for our latest matching outfit shoot, which currently offers a range of different clothing pieces based around the Barbie colour scheme (pink and white), coinciding with the movie release.

We recently flew to Spain and decided to take the photos there, using the backdrop of one of the hotels in the area to get that summery Barbie vibe! (although we had to dodge a sudden shower that day, we can’t even escape the rain in a hot country!).

For our outfits, we wore –

My Outfit (as Ken)

I opted for a neon pink T-shirt featuring the Gap logo in bold white (originally, I looked a the ‘Ken’ T-shirt, but it was unavailable, so this had to make do!), paired with Gap linen light grey shorts and finished off with a pair of clean white sneakers for that clean look.

I completed my outfit with several accessories, including a Swiss automatic watch, bracelet and rings, and topped off with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Eve’s Outfit (as Barbie)

Eve’s outfit (check out her own fashion blog here) easily overshadows mine – choosing a fitted Gap X Barbie white vest, complemented with a Gap X Barbie Pink Denim skirt and a pair of super pink heels for that Barbie doll aesthetic! Eve completed her outfit with a retro-style pair of pink plastic sunglasses and white visor (very LA), finished off with pink fluffy cuffs and silver rings. Special mention goes to her blonde pigtail-style hair too!

What are your thoughts on our matching Gap X Barbie outfits? Is it something you and your partner would rock (especially in the lead-up to the movie premiere)? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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*Partnership with GAP / Opinions are my own.


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