Hockerty Custom Sneakers Review

Hockerty Custom Sneakers Review

Premium sneakers are something every stylish man needs in his wardrobe but are often based around a similar design and colour palette – What if there was a brand that offered the same level of quality yet allowed you to design your own? Menswear brand Hockerty offers just that with their custom sneakers collection, which I will review in my latest blog post.

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I love a good pair of men’s trainers, especially in the current era of the minimalistic aesthetic – long gone are the OTT styles of garish colours, heavy branding and bulky designs (unless you are looking for that 90s throwback vibe!) in favour of slim-line, low-profile silhouettes with a simple yet effective selection of colours. However, because of the popularity of these styles, many brands (and runway designers) often play it safe and stick to the same basic designs and colours – whites, greys and black with the occasional colour thrown in to mix it. It is very easy to browse many online retailers and be greeted with numerous pairs of sneakers that basically look identically in all but brand names.

Fortunately, Hockerty is here to combat this trend by offering a fully customisable collection via their online system, allowing customers to change various aspects of their footwear for a totally unique and personal item. In my latest review, I will look at the sneakers I created online and examine the final product in how they look and fit – continue reading to find out more.

Customising Your Sneakers

The website is very modern, clean looking, and, importantly, easy to navigate (many sites these days seem to make it their mission to make everything as difficult as possible!). Once you have clicked through to footwear, you find the custom sneakers section, where you will be greeted with a variety of different options named here.

  • Models – This area contains many styles, including low-profile, brogue detailing or casual-sporty styles.
  • Materials – This section allows you to pinpoint each part of the shoe and change the colour accordingly from the options available, even down to the laces, sole and back logo.
  • Customise – Here, you will be able to make your personal mark on your new sneakers thanks to the laser-engraving options; depending on the chosen style, you can opt for a simple 2-letter initial or even full name/word (character number dependent).
  • Size – Finally, choose your size when then they are constructed.

Throughout the whole process, there is a 3D image of your sneakers with the different options you have chosen (including the text customisation), which you can spin and turn in a full 360 degrees so you can see exactly what they will look like.

Additionally, there is an AR (augmented reality) option, so you see the shoes superimposed on your feet, using a combination of a QR code and your smartphone – a brilliant idea, especially as they are a pair of custom sneakers!

For my pair, I chose the Barcelona sneakers in a grey and brown colourway with custom text.

Style & Design

Despite being considered casual footwear, the Hockerty Barcelona sneakers are a stunning mix of style and elegance. The low-profile silhouette gives it a fashionable edge compared to much of the competition on the market. My end design used a warm grey shade for the main body, with complimentary (yet, very different) light brown for the sole and back tab (set off against the gold H logo of the brand). The side of each shoe features my blog name, ‘Average Guy,’ which is laser engraved in matching gold thanks to the customisation option. Overall, the trainers are stunningly designed and perfectly set off any outfit.


The sneakers are a great style that can be paired with almost any outfit thanks to their unobtrusive design and minimal branding (the full name is only featured via embossing on each tongue). You can easily dress them up with a skinny fit suit (with cropped trousers) or go for a typical casual outfit with denim jeans and a t-shirt. Even so, I rocked my new sneaks with a pair of slim-fit shorts and a hoodie with a baseball cap for a stand-out summer urban ensemble.


Often I am in-between sizes for footwear, and fortunately, the company covers this for their customers, allowing half-sizes. I chose a UK 8.5, and the sneakers fit perfectly! Even after wearing them for an extended length of time, there is no hint of discomfort or rubbing.


The sneakers arrived in a sturdy shipping carton, protecting the Hockerty shoe box within. The outer layer is bathed in a nice light forest green, featuring a simple white text on the top, very classy. The sneakers are protected inside with a swathe of black craft paper, and a dust bag is included to help protect your new trainers during storage or transport.

Value For Money

Considering the custom options available, the price point is seriously good value for money. With a base rate of £129, but even after the custom text, the cost only jumps to £139, and shipping was free – excellent!


The Hockerty sneaker collection comes highly recommended by me, offering premium-style sneakers with a modern design and exceptional customisation options, all at a reasonable price point! I don’t normally use school-style grading, but in this case, I will make an exception, A+.

What are your thoughts on these new shoes from the Hockerty brand? Will you give them a test run, and if so, will you use the custom options available? I look forward to hearing what you think about this footwear collection.

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*Partnership with Hockerty / Opinions are my own.


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