Mens Fashion Trends For Summer 2019

Mens Fashion Trends For Summer 2019

As summer is just around the corner, the vast majority of retailers are exchanging their range of cold weather clothes in favour of lightweight and bright coloured clothing, which the population will be gravitating towards during the spring and summer months. With this in mind, I decided to take a closer look at what they have in store for us and our wardrobes.

Micro Shorts

Companies like Jacamo have an extensive range of choices if you are in the market for a new pair of shorts. Stocking nearly 120 different styles and cuts, ensuring you will swiftly find a pair to fit you, no matter your body shape. I will be paying close attention to the short shorts trend, wondering if this catwalk fad will finally make it into the high street stores. It is not very likely many men will dare to wear a pair of micro shorts, most likely opting for the mid-calf cuts, particularly the classic chino or cargo variety.

Stripy T-Shirts

This year, many of the popular fashions have been heavily inspired by the 90s. One stand out piece is the stripy t-shirt trend, the current trend is stripes which are thin and set close together, but as the year progresses it is expected for them to go wider and much bolder. I would recommend plain jeans, shorts or trousers for a contrast effect against the busy design of the t-shirt.

Linen & Shirtless Suits

Once again, men and women are choosing to dress up, even appearing smart in a casual environment is back in vogue. As the temperature begins to rise, you will see linen suits making a comeback. Lightweight and cut more generous, perfect for those warmer months, are you brave enough to rock the bright white suit, Miami Vice style? Despite their great look, linen suits are only suitable and practical under certain conditions. Take a look at this informative article, advising how to wear them along with tips on how to launder them.

If you are a fan of the gym, you could consider the shirtless suits trend if you plan to make a strong statement. Test out the look in the safety of your home (before heading outside!) using a lightweight suit already in your collection (before going all the way and ordering a brand new one). One thing to note, avoid this look for an event that is too formal.


Entirely at the opposite end of the scale, many designers have looked back to 90’s rave culture for inspiration in their latest collections. Balenciaga and Martine Rose, for example, have filled their designs with big, bright and bold pieces which have taken inspiration from this exciting time.

The Tie-dye Look

Every 20 years, it seems that tie-dye designs reappear on clothes rails. Personally, I am not a fan and it’s not likely I will wear them on my style blog! but this year at least designers have tried something different. Thanks to advancements in technology, modern printing techniques have allowed the production of clothing which features the classic blurry tie-dye design, but with a regular pattern — allowing a much bigger audience the opportunity to wear them without feeling too uncomfortable!

Shiny Fabrics

If you want to attract those magpies, you could choose from the many catwalk pieces created from something shiny! Brands such as Calvin Klein and Maison Margiela have designed interesting looks from vinyl and latex, while Tom of Finland and Cottweiler have opted for complete leather outfits. Undoubtedly too hot (and sticky!) for typical daytime, but once the sun sets you may see many men choosing to wear trousers made from these more outlandish fabric options.

What do you think of these upcoming summer fashion trends? Share your thoughts below.


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