Stubble & Co Weekender Bag Review

Stubble & Co Weekender Bag Review

Luggage is owned out of necessity rather than desire; however, I believe that both are equally important. For my latest men’s fashion blog review, I will be taking a closer look at a bag which hopes to bring these two points closer together. Read on further as I examine the weekender holdall under the microscope from UK brand – Stubble & Co.

The company came into being as the owners searched long and hard for the perfect bag which would fit seamlessly into the everyday person’s life – filling the role of a gym bag, commuter kit, business trip case and even weekend getaway luggage. Unfortunately, they came to the conclusion that there was nothing out there which ticked all the right boxes, so instead, they decided to tackle the problem head-on, and thus Stubble & Co was born.

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Size & Shape

The weekender is the companies largest luggage, tipped as their flagship product. Once you unbox the bag, you can see for yourself that it is a hefty size, more than enough to store numerous items for your upcoming journey. During a recent city trip, I managed to squeeze in a large number of different pieces of clothing, plus the DSLR and two additional lenses (no small feat, considering the camera equipment, is on the larger side.)

The traditional rectangle shape was selected during construction, universally accepted as the best shape for large luggage, allowing much more storage, while evenly distributing the weight. The bag can easily be slung over your shoulder (which is my typical way of carrying luggage), but also just as comfortable held in hand.

Exact measurements and weight –

  • 52cm Length
  • 28cm Width
  • 31cm Height
  • 1.5kg Weight
  • 42l Capacity


When you first cast your eyes upon the design of the weekender bag, you will be comforted with eye-pleasing visuals, boasting a classic and effortless style which will undoubtedly survive the test of time. Many luggage manufacturers go too big and bold during the design process, and in doing so, lose their way, inevitably missing their target by a country mile. Stubble & Co, instead clearly know their market audience and what they want, creating the perfect looking ‘weekend’ bag for all occasions.

The bag is crafted mostly from waterproof canvas, allowing usage during even the heaviest of downfalls (quite integral during any trips within the UK!). Each bag features tough full-grain leather sections to bolster its hardwearing longevity, located on each of the four lower corners of the bag, alongside the strap handles as well as running parallel to the main YKK zipper, basically all of the areas which would receive the most amount of daily wear and tear.

The large canvas strap also features extra security thanks to being attached to the main body of the bag via brass metal loops, complementing the main zipper (which incidentally consists of two zips so you can close the bag in the middle if you so wish).

Inside the bag, you will are greeted with black lined material, alongside internal flap pockets on either side, one of which also has a zippered section to keep essentials secure. There is an additional small pocket on the outside of the bag, with a zippered shutter (I find these to be essential on trips when you need to store important items such as tickets or spare change).

Each of the bags has a small amount of branding, seen on the attached piece of leather above the outer pocket, with the company name embellished onto the material, nothing too loud, just a subtle stamp of the companies name. I find this quite refreshing, especially compared to many rivals on the market.

The weekender bag comes in five different colourway variations –

  • Olive Green
  • Navy Blue
  • Smoke Grey
  • All Black
  • Black And Brown

Wearability & Usage

When using the bag, there are no complaints, easy to wear and simple to use. Zippers glide open with almost zero force (another personal peeve of mine with other bags I have encountered), the handles are soft on your hands with the reinforced leather, and coated fabric of the body of the bag is supple to the touch. There is more than enough space inside the bag for different kinds of trips and journeys, definitely enough for my needs.

All of the different available colours allow effortless pairing with a large variety of outfits. The olive shade which I chose is perfect for classic smart casual clothing, both in the summer as well as the autumn and winter thanks to the subtle tones and hues.


Even when it comes to the packaging style, Stubble & Co have not scrimped on quality, the box itself is solid, and the bag is stored safely inside a large canvas dust bag. It may only be something simple, but first impressions are important in everything, including the acquisition of bags and luggage.

Value For Money

The cost of the collection from Stubble & Co is very competitive without appearing ‘too cheap’ after all the products are of an extremely high level of quality, and the price point reflects this. The bags on offer are excellent value for money, and your purchase will last you a long time, I know I will be using my weekender for years to come!


At the start of my review, I made a statement which I believe Stubble & Co has fulfilled; the weekender has perfectly entwined desirability with need ensuring you will love the look of the bag long with satisfaction with its functionality and quality. The weekender bag looks beautiful with a timeless style, boasts high production values and is easy to use and available at an exceptional price point.

Here is a quick rundown of all of the positives –

  • Designed with a timeless edge, suited to any style.
  • Spacious without being cumbersome.
  • Functional and easy to use.
  • Hardwearing and tough.
  • Available in a variety of colourways.

What are your thoughts of the weekender luggage, can you see yourself adding one to your wardrobe collection? Let me know in the comments section on my style blog.

Check out Stubble & Co Weekender Bag here

*Partnership with Stubble & Co / Opinions are my own.


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