Red Linen Shirt With Ecru Skinny Jeans Outfit

Red Linen Shirt With Ecru Skinny Jeans Outfit

For my latest outfit post, I added a splash of colour to my new smart-casual style with some much-needed highlight to an otherwise muted palette. Read on to find out more!

I am thoroughly enjoying this new type of style for my current outfits; it seems like I have been missing out for a very long time! During my journey as a style blogger, I have encountered many different trends and tastes, many are fleeting and will soon become yesterday’s news. My newest wardrobe acquisitions disregard much of my previous statement and have timeless value, helping to build a wardrobe collection which is future-proofed.


First up is a linen shirt from Massimo Dutti in bold red, it’s fabric perfect for those warm days (as mentioned in an earlier blog post, I value the brand’s high-quality shirt production). For leg wear, I opted for my ASOS ecru skinny jeans for a contrasting effect which still holds onto that summer vibe. Beige loafers were on the cards when it came to footwear, since purchasing these from the NoHow Italian online retail store I have worn them numerous times, definitely worth keeping an eye on their shoe collection (particularly if there is a sale or discount).


The beautiful scenery for this background was the Manor House Hotel situated close to Bath, the reason for our visit was because we were booked to complete a shoot for the House Of Cavani suit brand with Calum Best as our model (great guy, the perfect gent). Once we completed the shoot, we took the opportunity to utilise stunning backgrounds for our photos (too many excellent views to miss out on!)

What do you think of this look, are you a fan of red and ecru as a pairing? Let me know in the comments section.


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