Western Style Cowboy Outfit With Wyatt Boots

Western Style Cowboy Outfit With Wyatt Boots

It’s time for another outfit on my men’s fashion blog with a western-inspired ensemble, read on to find out more.

I’ve always had a lotta love for western looks, probably due to watching endless cowboy movies with my Dad, and the fascination stuck as I got older. Regular readers will have seen my style change over time; one of the benefits is that I get opportunities to dress in all sorts of different ways, so today was a western day! (Even so, I have worn these types of looks previously such as here – ).


The get this look, I chose an AllSaints brown western shirt, worn with the sleeves rolled to eliminate the loose looking arms for an overall sleeker appearance. I wore the shirt open with a classic ASOS white T-shirt underneath to portray a more casual vibe. My choice of denim was my current new favourite – Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin in washed black, this slightly looser pair of jeans is a welcome addition to my wardrobe in contrast to my close-fitting women’s skinny jeans. 

There was only ever going to be one choice when it came to footwear – Saint Laurent Wyatt Boots (reviewed here). These shoes are the current hot trend in fashion circles, encompassing everything about the cowboy trend in a pair of expertly crafted boots. 

Naturally, I added an abundance of jewellery items to seal the deal – necklace, bracelets, rings, Omega Watch and a pair of RayBan Sunglasses.


When we are in Bath for a shoot, we have finally concluded that there are not many unused areas for us to head to, causing quite the headache as I try my hardest to use only new locations (for 6 months at least!) to keep my imagery fresh. Fortunately, we happened upon a church area which featured an abundance of close quarter walled sections, making for a very unique (and new!) site for photographs.

What do you think of my latest outfit? Let me know in the comments section your thoughts!


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