Top 5 Stylish Summer Bags For Men

Top 5 Stylish Summer Bags For Men

As we hit the summer, there are many different activities, including beach trips, quick travels, or even weekend breaks that require a travel bag. Choosing the correct bag for the occasion is essential but often can be a minefield! There is a vast amount of bag options for women, which are typically highly promoted and advertised, yet there are a number of bag styles available to men too! Read on to find out my top 5 bag styles.

Cross Body

The cross-body is universally one of the most popular bags, offering a stylish look with an easy carry design. Its construction allows the user to carry hands-free, no matter which size of bag you choose. If you are looking for an ideal bag for most outings (such as work or a day out) or even a short getaway, a medium-size cross-body bag will tick all the boxes. Bonus points if it is a handmade leather bag, such as what is offered by Mirta, for example – stylish and will last a lifetime!

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is the perfect bag for everyday use; its standard size variation is popular for work, enabling you to fit your laptop and personal items with ease. If you are looking for a more streamlined option in which you can store under ten small items, a mini messenger bag would be the best choice – allowing you to carry the typical daily items like phone, keys, wallet, passport, hand sanitiser, masks and more!


It would be safe to say that almost everyone has owned a backpack at one time or another, essential not only for summer but throughout the year too. In the hotter seasons, you have the choice of both a leather style or canvas/fabric option – allowing a more leisurely time carrying something lighter with the benefit of a more sturdy construction protecting against scuffs on those outdoor adventures! The humble backpack also benefits from sitting on top of your suitcase with wheels, again ideal for travelling.


The tote is the go-to bag for any occasion – beach evening, visiting a friend or food and drinks for some much needed time out of the house. Many totes offer additional extras such as water repellent material or even a cooling component to ensure your snacks are kept cool!

The Weekender

Finally, we have the weekender bag, which is almost essential in every man’s wardrobe. The hold-all is the ultimate accessory for those weekend excursions or extended vacations, available in a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics – the classic brown leather variant is timeless, but an olive green in canvas is also an impressive alternative!

What are your thoughts on these top 5 luggage options for summer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! Remember to hunt for a great suitcase too, complementing your chosen travel bag!


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