What Colour Shoes Go With A Grey Suit?

What Colour Shoes Go With A Grey Suit?

When it comes to men’s suits, colour matching can be a potential minefield. Clothing as classic and altogether as popular as a traditional grey suit is something that can fall into this trap! There are numerous shades of grey (although probably more than 50 à la the movie of the same name!). In my latest post, I look at the various available options.

Grey suits are one of the most popular colours, available in different fabrics and cuts for multiple occasions (work, play or events), which can also determine your chosen shoe colour. However, despite this, no rules are set in stone, and you can play around with different combinations as well. Next up, I will showcase a few variations you can try the next time you rock that charcoal suit.

Grey Suit With Brown Shoes

Personally, brown shoes are my overall favourite (not just paired with grey) when it comes to formal wear; from dark brown to tan, there are an almost unlimited about of shades which can adapt to different suit designs. Dark brown goes well with darker greys, and lighter browns pair better with medium or light grey suits for a sleek summer look.

Grey Suit With Black Shoes

Black footwear is overall the most popular, especially for formal occasions. Grey suits paired with black shoes create a fantastic monochromatic colour scheme. There are many shades of grey suits, but black shoes will almost always match that range without exception. Black with grey is typically the look for most formal settings; select monk strap style footwear to add a touch of flair!

Grey Suit With Tan Shoes

Tan footwear often sits best with a smart casual dress (particularly boots and jeans), but if you pick out a sleek light grey suit, you can rock it with a pair of tan shoes if the colour match is spot on! Play around with different shades until you find that perfect harmony for your suit and shoe ensemble.

Grey Suit With Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy (or Oxblood) shoes have always been a little different, sitting proudly next to their black, brown and tan kin yet standing out thanks to that bold pop of deep red. This type of colour footwear is a good fit for a semi-formal suit outfit or even a casual setting (such as an evening at the pub or a day out shopping for your latest clothing purchase!).

Grey Suit With Blue Loafers

Blue loafers have been something which can completely make or break an outfit, if you want to go down the blue leather (or suede) route then you must choose well. If paired correctly it can be the ultimate chic look, especially if you opt for a skinny fit pinstripe suit.

Grey Suit With White Sneakers

Wearing sneakers with a formal suit is nothing new; however, it has only been in recent years that it is considered fashionable. The footwear needs to be plain and minimal in design, bearing little to no patterns or logos, and the cut of the suit requires a very slim fit and would work best with a cropped skinny leg.

Grey Suit With Black Chelsea Boots

Finally, we have the humble Chelsea boot, traditionally the casual footwear of choice to be paired with slim or skinny jeans along with chunky knitwear. However, this type of boot will not look out of place with a smart grey suit in the correct setting, at least.

Final Thoughts When Wearing A Grey Suit

  • Choose the correct shade of grey suit. Dark, mid or light tones and everything else in between, but consider your footwear match.
  • Select the correct belt colour to match your footwear. Basic fashion knowledge to ensure you pair correctly, i.e. brown belt and matching shoes for perfect balance.
  • Ensure the correct colour grey is chosen, depending if it is a formal or casual event. Darker greys such as charcoal naturally fit better for formal occasions, whereas light shades are more suitable for semi-formal or casual events.
  • Select the best shoe colour and style. There are seemingly endless amounts of different shoe designs on the market, and numerous colours and shades are added to the mix! Make sure to spend some time browsing the different colours, allowing a nice contrast between the suit’s fabric and the leather or suede of the shoe.

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