How To Choose A Tailored Business Suit

How To Choose A Tailored Business Suit

You know the drill, you have an important business meeting approaching, so you immediately look in your wardrobe for the best suit in your arsenal, but to your despair, you have forgotten to update your formal wear clothing in some time! So what do you do? Read on to find out more!

As you desperately hunt through your various Three-Piece suits, blazers and waistcoats, it dawns on you that all you have left is ill-fitting clothing (see here for more) which you purchased from a high street store on a whim! Even that one suit that once fitted you perfectly is now an awkward mess (who knew that those midnight snacks would take its toll on your wardrobe choices!).

You can spend endless amounts of time looking for a suitable number from your favourite store, but odds are it won’t fulfil your formalwear needs. So what do you do in this situation? To look the part at that crucial business meeting, you undoubtedly need to go the tailored route! There are two options for you in this situation, made to measure or bespoke.

Made To Measure

Your first option is the made to measure suit, this style of formal wear had been around for many years, allowing men to select a suit off the rack and get it tailored to fit them correctly. Made to measure will give you an almost perfect fit, with the suit appearing as though it was built from the ground up for the client. If you decide to go down this route, you will encounter a wide variety of choices, gone will be the days when you spy a fancy three-piece which is everything you ever wanted, only to be dismayed when you realise the fit is totally unsuitable for you. Once you make your first appointment at the tailors, you will be able to browse their range of available suits and take comfort in the fact that each one can be altered to fit your needs.


Now we are finally at the upper echelon of tailoring, made to measure is a mere stepping stone to reach the granddaddy of suiting with a fully-fledged bespoke suit. Once you begin your journey into the world of bespoke tailoring (check this), you will be entitled to pick absolutely everything, down to the last detail, fabric, lining, buttons and the cut, nothing will be left to chance. You will have to re-visit the tailors for a number of re-fits and re-measures to ensure your suit fits you like a glove, with nothing left to chance.

Business Suit Styles

When it comes to selecting your business suit design, there are several options available to you (as well as many more, which would be off-limits!). You can play it safe with a classic navy, grey or black suit (I would select a charcoal grey which would be appropriate for all seasons) which most men would undoubtedly choose.

Alternatively, you can be a little more outlandish with a printed fabric, such as light check or pinstripe (the latter is a classic London business look! – click here). In the winter seasons, you could even choose a tweed material, but again as it’s for the office, keep it simple. One of your final decisions would be to select a three-piece which includes a waistcoat or a more simple two-piece; for me, the latter is more than enough to make a statement in the boardroom.


Once you have your suit sorted, then you need a pair of smart shoes. For your business meeting, I would recommend classic lace-up brogues, a simple yet effective choice. If you wanted to make a bold statement, then a pair of spectacular monk shoes could be something to think about during your search! Another option is a pair of loafers, although in an office environment it would be wise to leave them to the daring (even more risque is to go sans socks!), although loafers would likely be my preference!


To complete your business ensemble, be sure to keep your accessory details in check. Watches are the number one item in this department, opt for a round face with a leather strap to keep in line with the gentlemen vibe; otherwise, a metal bracelet will suffice if you are looking for a modern appearance. Other bits and pieces could include a pocket watch chain, followed by the addition of cuff links to give your outfit a final touch of refinement. Special mention must go to your tie and pocket square choices, go plain and sophisticated to play it safe, conversely add a pop of colour or a patterned print to really stand out in the office. Something to always remember when it comes to selecting a tie set, be sure to mismatch them – head over to this website to find out why!

Overall, with this information up your fully tailored sleeve, you will be able to make sure you clinch the deal at the close of that crucial meeting! Please let me know your thoughts below.


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