xSuit 4.0 Light Blue Suit Review

xSuit 4.0 Light Blue Suit Review

A comfortable formal suit is something of a fantasy, or is it? Typically, fashionable men deal with a constricting ensemble to look good in the office. However, xSuit has decided to turn this view on its head with its range of super comfortable suits. In my latest blog review, I will be taking a good look at their new collection to see if they live up to the claims!

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xSuit began its life in 2018, starting with a Kickstarter campaign by CEO Max Perez, and it held the acclaim of the highest crowd-funded suit. The idea came to life to fill the gaps that are common problems with other suit brands – namely, a comfortable fit that also looks good!

They set out to use the best materials on the market that feature an ultra-stretch fabric resistant to liquids, stains, odours and even wrinkles (ideal for long-distance travel). Additionally, you can even clean them at home using a simple washing machine (say goodbye to those frequent trips to the dry cleaners!).

The brand has seen great results so far, especially compared to its competitors. They will soon be launching a new addition to their line-up – The xSuit Briefcase, which looks to be an amazing accessory, featuring a huge range of pockets and storage compartments and is also highly durable (I’ve seen the videos of it dropped from a height and it bounces safely to the ground).

For my review, I will check out the Suit 4.0 Light Blue from their new collection; continue reading to learn more.

Style & Design

xSuit has knocked the design out of the park with its collection! The jacket is a 2-button style with a narrow lapel, 4-button cuff and a double vent on the reverse for a clean and modern look. The 4.0 model is available in 4 shades (ranging from dark to light), and the fabric contains an 8-way stretch allowing for ultimate comfort yet still ensuring it looks good.

Your power-dressing game has never looked so good as when wearing an xSuit, styled with one of the brand’s comfortable shirts, a bold tie and a pocket square for that stylish business ensemble.


Thanks to the incredibly lightweight and comfortable fabric, you would be more than happy to wear this anywhere! Yes, the office would be an excellent choice (you’ve never had a more cosy work outfit in your life!), but it can also be worn during an evening out with friends or loved ones. Even if you are travelling, the ultra-stretch material will allow you to relax even on a cramped flight, train or car journey.

The light blue colouring is ideal for the approaching summer, especially paired with brown loafers and a white shirt for a striking look. Alternatively, worn on those colder days, you can equally rock a pair of black boots and a knitted jumper (as worn in photos).

Sizing & Fit

When choosing my size, I considered the high level of stretch. I finally decided to size down, picking the 34 X 28 (rather than my normal 36 X 30). This selection was the perfect choice, the suit moulded to my body for a slim/regular fit.

Additionally, due to how the suit is constructed, you can easily hem the length of the trousers if needed without any risks to the fabric.

Value For Money

Formal wear is clothing you need to spend money on to ensure you get something that looks good. In the case of the xSuit collection, you are getting a good-looking suit and one that is super comfortable (for long days in the office, that is truly priceless). The retail price is north of $600, but as stated, it is money well spent.


If you have been endlessly searching for a suit that is both comfortable and fashionable, your hunt may be over with the xSuit range! Undeniably stylish, super comfortable, wearable to almost anywhere and at a reasonable price point too! Make space in your wardrobe for the 4.0 suit right now!

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*Partnership with xSuit / Opinions are my own.


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