Apex City Of Bath Hotel Review

Apex Hotels Bath Review

When travelling I always choose a hotel as a place to lay my head in the evening, I love the experience that they bring to my trips. Perhaps I should rephrase that sentence, I love to stay in good hotels, those which ensure your stay is the best it can be, leaving you 100% satisfied when you leave. With this in mind, I was invited to stay at the Apex City Of Bath Hotel to experience one of their rooms.

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The hotel is a relatively new building, erected just over a year ago during August 2017. My partner and I often pass by during our many visits to Bath town centre. Its modern look has always enticed me to one day book a short stay. As luck would have it, I was recently invited to enjoy one of their large suites, giving us an opportunity to capture a variety of different outfit styles inside the room. So despite us staying for just one night, we somehow managed to bring enough luggage which would suffice most visitors for a week, if not more! Time to stop rambling and move onto the review.


Lorna and I arrived at the Apex Hotel a little earlier than the recommended check in time of 2:30pm (by around 35 minutes), but this was not a problem, greeted with genuine smiles and happy faces at the front desk. We were served quickly and asked if we wanted to wait in the bar area (our luggage safely looked after by security) or if we preferred to check in earlier, we chose the latter.

Despite our unexpected appearance, our room was ready for us within a few minutes and we were handed our room key cards. We were accompanied to our room with one of the staff along with his trusty large wheeled trolley (for our excessive amount of luggage!). The elevator ride was fast and within a short walking distance we were at the entrance to our room. So far so good!


The room itself was a dream, I have been to many hotel rooms but very few have matched the size of the Apex City Of Bath Suite, you could comfortably live here for weeks.

As you walk inside, on your immediate left is a full length wide mirror (so you can check your outfit is on point before leaving), continuing inside on the right is a large desk area which also features an espresso machine (so you can power through your business assignments!). Facing this work area is a spacious L-shaped sofa with a variety of stylish pillows scattered neatly upon its surface, visible from this lounge section is a pretty big LCD TV situated above the desk.

Further inside the room, you cannot help but notice the huge double bed, which is not only quite high, but also incredibly soft. The pillows and cushions adorning the bed are particularly weighty, obtaining an elevated sleeping position will be no problem with these additional headrests. The sleeping area is separated from the living quarters by a uniquely designed wooden section, which is ideal to break up the large room, almost giving the impression of separate rooms.

Looking across from the bed is yet another surprise, another big LCD TV! No disagreements over what channel to watch with your partner! Additionally, towards the corner of the room (by the screen) is a beautifully designed sitting chair adding a pop of green to the room. The soft carpeted floor features a very modern pattern which draws your eyes to its swirls and curves, adding a nice finishing touch to the decor.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is almost hidden from view, positioned directly across from the entrance. Once inside you are greeted with an exquisite design, brightly lit and featuring a sleek dark yellow effect running parallel to the mirror above the sink. Neatly placed next to the sink is an assortment of high quality and complimentary cleansing products, just above and to the right is a useful small cupboard to store your personal items. The shower is spacious with the option to keep the shower head fixed or used by hand (something of a pet peeve of mine, many hotels insist on installing showers in which the head is permanently positioned above your head. Not ideal if you are looking for a totally refreshing clean, unless you attempt some acrobatics!). If showering is not your thing, no need to worry as this bathroom even includes a bath too, should you fancy a relaxing soak amongst some soapy bubbles.


After spending most of the afternoon and much of the evening taking photos, it was starting to get quite late for food, rather than go out for the evening we decided to dine in the hotel bar. One of my favourite meals is a classic burger and fries, so it is always my instinct to select this off the menu. The waiter who served us was friendly and efficient with my meal arriving in record time. Boy was it worth the (very short!) wait! I consider myself somewhat of a burger connoisseur and the Apex burger provided a standout performance, I would happily visit again just for this meal!

Once back in our room, we decided to fill out the provided form (which you hang on the door handle) so we can enjoy breakfast in our room (to save some time in the morning so we can take more photos with better natural light).

However, we were unsure about any gluten-free options (Lorna has quite a few food intolerances), so I called down to the front desk for further information. They were very helpful, even checking with the kitchen staff for available options. However, because of Lorna’s there were understandably a few items which she could not choose from. However, shortly after the call, there was an unexpected knock at the door and the girl from the front desk had thoughtfully brought upstairs a specially made gluten-free brownie and strawberries as a surprise! She said that she wanted Lorna to have a nice treat due to fewer options available for her breakfast. Additionally, she also included some biscuits for me to snack on too. An unexpected yet lovely treat from Apex!

Our food arrived punctually on time at 9am on the dot, rolled in on a metal tray and filled to the brim everything we selected on the form. Our meal was well presented and a joy to eat, made even better with the extra luxury of dining in the room. Top marks for the food!

Check Out

The standard check out time at the hotel is 11am, but because we needed to take additional photos with more light, we were given a couple of extra hours in the room before we were due to leave, which proved invaluable. Checking out was a relatively simple and streamlined affair, taking no more than a few minutes of our time. We said our thanks to the team at the desk and carried the luggage to our waiting pick up.


My first experience with the Apex City Of Bath Hotel could not have gone any better, beautifully decorated, incredibly spacious room, delicious food (that burger and brownie!) and attentive and helpful staff. All the requirements you need for a perfect stay in a hotel. I would highly recommend staying in one of the suites if you are in the Bath area, you won’t be disappointed!

This post is something different from my usual fashion related content, instead focusing on lifestyle, would you like to see more reviews like this? Please let me know in the comments!

* Room stay was gifted by Apex Hotels / Opinions all my own


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