Aiverc Opera Watch Review

Aiverc Watch Review

It’s review time again on my men’s fashion blog, this time I will be taking a look at one of the launch pieces from the brand new watch brand – Aiverc.

I was recently introduced to the brand thanks to an introduction from the company founder – Crevia Soh. She decided that she wanted to create watches that allow us to be mesmerised with their mystery and ingenuity, much like how a newly erected building can lead us on a magical journey. She has taken a huge amount of inspiration from contemporary architects like Jørn Utzon when designing her collection, her end goal was to finally update the classic watch style which she believes needs a much-needed makeover!

The Aiverc brand is releasing three models at launch – FAENA, ONTARIO and OPERA which is the watch I will be reviewing in the following review.

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Design And Shape

Regular readers will know that I am a big fan of watches, with many different styles in my collection. For me, one of the most important factors is the design, regardless of the price point.

Once you first lay your eyes onto the Aiverc OPERA Watch, you will be instantly captivated by its striking design, boasting a pure white circular face which is adorned with a raised section in pale grey which features abstract lines and shapes. This double tiered construction gives a 3D effect as you gaze across the face, something quite unique compared to other watches on the market. Aiverc states that they took inspiration from the Sydney Opera House (originally designed in 1957 by the aforementioned Jørn Utzon) when designing the watch face, taking a closer look at the shapes beneath the glass will reveal a strong resemblance.

In contrast to the gleaming white face, the surrounding metallic parts are a beautiful gold colour, adding further elegance to the design. The hands are paired with the same colour to ensure an overall uniform look. Aiverc made the decision of using a leather strap for the watch, in my opinion, anything less would have been a disservice thanks to its obvious classic appearance. Opting for a calfskin fine grain leather with a soft touch feel, giving the added benefit of gaining its own individual distressing throughout its lifetime. I must make a special mention of its colour, a beautiful dark burnished style brown hue. It actually appears to have some depth to it, rather than the simple single colour tone you mostly see on watch straps.

The reverse of the watch is similarly designed of a high standard (despite it rarely being seen by anyone but its owner). Entirely made out of the same gold colour, with the addition of the Aiverc brand and model details etched into the metal.

One of the more unique selling points of their watches is the optional extra charms available, two of which are added to the strap of mine which is visible in the photos. At launch, three different variants are available, I picked out the plain gold (to match the metal hardware on the watch) and the mother of pearl charm for an added touch of timeless classic flair! I have been informed that more charms will be added to the range in the future, so you will be able to swap out or add new ones to your watch (you will need to create your own holes using one of the readily available leather hole making tools on the market).

Overall, the design of this watch gains top marks from me! The watch face itself is something you don’t see every day.

Wearability And Comfort

The style of the watch goes hand in hand with classic outfits, particularly knitwear and boots or even a fully fledged Men’s Skinny Fit Pinstripe Suit Outfit. The brown leather strap and gold framework oozes gentlemen vibes, so choose this watch for that very important dinner date or career crucial business meeting.

Even after wearing the watch all day, I didn’t encounter a single comfort issue. in fact, the extreme softness of the leather strap was a joy, wrapping around my wrist like butter. Another important point to mention is that the crown doesn’t protrude out too far, many other brands fail in this area, causing it to stick uncomfortably into your hand during normal daily activities.

Construction And Mechanism

When it comes to the construction of this watch, Aiverc has gathered all of the best materials from around the world. The metal parts surrounding the mechanics are manufactured using 316L Stainless Steel, which itself is used in the majority of diving equipment production because of its highly corrosive resistant properties. In fact, many of the premium Swiss watch brands are known to favour this material (such as IWC, Patek Phillipe and Omega to name three). Additionally, the entirety of the watch body is coated with a physical vapour deposition plating which boasts an extra layer of protection with the added bonus of a gleaming finish to the metal. Finally, one of the most important areas to protect on a watch is the face, Aiverc too knows this so have ensured its safety with a genuine sapphire crystal glass.

The mechanism of the watch is also of high quality, equipping each of their products with the famous Citizen Miyota 2035 Movement. Believed by watch aficionados around the globe as one of the most reliable movement systems available, the onboard tech guarantees to only lose 15 seconds a month, compared to the average loss of 15 seconds a day for automatic watches which is quite a substantial difference.


The packaging for the watch is sleek and understated, with just a hint of the beauty held within its sturdy cardboard walls. Crafted in solid black with a subtle print of the pattern which occupies the watch face. The box opens and closes securely using a hinged mechanism, rather than a lid (which can quite often go missing!). Inside is the typical soft fabric, including a cylindrical piece of material in which you can wrap your watch around and keep it safe and secure. The box is also spacious enough to store your charms inside (even within their own box if needed).


I am obsessed with the look of this watch, usually, I am left wanting more when I receive a new timepiece, yet with the Aiverc OPERA, all of my horological wishes have been answered! Beautiful design (I can’t stop admiring it!), excellent craftsmanship and a very reasonable price point in today’s market. What more can you ask for?

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What do you think of this new release on the market? Please let me know in the comments below!

* Paid partnership with AIVERC / Opinions all my own


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